A Hero Arrives
8 - A Hero Arrives
Season 1 Episode 8
Kana 英雄推参
Romaji Eiyū Suizan
English Title A Hero Arrives
Air Date August 24, 2012
Wind, Rain, Wolf The Missing King

A Hero Arrives (英雄推参, Eiyū Suizan) is the eighth episode of the Campione! anime series, released on August 24, 2012.


Over at the beach, Erica and the gals are playing volleyball. When Erica strikes the ball, it knocks out Godou. Yuri tells Erica to stay away from Godou, and Lucretia comes in to snatch away Godou from Erica. Then, Yuri comes in, and the girls start fighting over Godou. Later, Yuri enjoys the hot spring. Lucretia approaches Yuri and gropes Yuri's bosom. Then, Arianna comes in with a fresh glass of milk, and she slips causing the milk to splatter all over her body. Out in sea, Erica has Godou handcuffed. Godou recalls Erica suggesting to him to take a summer vacation and him requesting Lucretia and Yuri's help. Once Erica frees Godou's hand cuffs, Godou jumps out and swims to shore where he finds the girls bathing. Yuri scolds Godou for being perverted, and her towel somehow falls in front of Godou. She slaps Godou out of embarrassment. In the city, Liliana receives a call about Salvatore.

Later that night, Godou escapes the castle. Athena finds Godou and takes him to an island where a green beam of light is seen. Deep in the castle, Salvatore breaks through the witch's seal and finds a pillar brimming with a god's energy. It's called Heraneion, Seal of Hera. Despite Liliana's warnings about the effects of the Gorgoneion, Salvatore slices the pillar in half. The green light erupts and shoots high above the town. A blond man, Perseus sees the green light. Godou and Athena spot a green dragon up in the sky. Then, Perseus shoots down the dragon. Liliana begs Perseus to not kill the dragon since the dragon is a part of the land's vitality. Perseus slashes the dragon. Before he could end its life, Athena intervenes and protects her divine beast. Athena absorbs the dragon while Perseus powers up. Godou attempts to stop them. When Perseus states that Godou is his enemy, Athena's words make Perseus point his sword at Godou. Liliana uses her Artemis abilities to carry Godou to a safe area. She explains to Godou about Salvatore's actions. When Liliana offers teach Godou about Perseus and his origins, Godou tells her that magic will not work on Campione externally. Godou hesitates and glances on Liliana's lips and explains that he cannot make Liliana kiss him. Then, Perseus arrives on a Pegasus. Liliana engages Perseus in a sword fight. Godou materializes the boar. Once the boar leaps off the ground, Godou grabs and throws Perseus of the boar. Though, Perseus seals Godou's Authorities for the boar. When Perseus attacks, Godou uses his raptor's speed to run away. However, Perseus seals Godou's powers and shoots an arrow at Godou's chest.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

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