Amakasu Touma
Kana 甘粕 冬馬
Romaji Amakasu Tōma
Gender Male
Ethnicity Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Other Names Ninja
Personal Status
Affiliations History Compilation Committee (Member)
Voice Actor

Amakasu Touma is a member of the History Compilation Committee.


Amakasu appears to be a calm and well educated man.


Little is known about Amakasu's past, except that he came to work for the History Compilation Committee and that it is suggested at some time in his past he received ninja training.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 1-2, 5-10, 12, Short Story 3

Mention: Volume 3

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Amakasu is an expert at ninjutsu, Shugendo, and Onmyodo.


  • Amakasu is a fan of Romance Sims.
  • Amakasu enjoys manga

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