Gender Female
Ethnicity Celtic
Personal Status
Relatives Artos (son)
Affiliations Gods of Earth
Rank God
Voice Actor

Artio is a Heretic God in the series Campione.


Artio has the form of an attractive young woman with brown hair and red eyes.  She wears a white loin cloth, bikini top, and a bear's head as a hat.  She also has several red markings on various parts of her body.



Prior to the arrival of the three campiones from the future, she was bringing about divine punishment on a Germanic tribe, the Franks, in retaliation for driving away her worshipers, the Celts.  However, this revenge was put on hold with the appearance of Salvatore Doni, who managed to give her a serious injury.

Artio wanted to exact vengeance on Doni for the heavy injury that Doni inflicted on her.


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 15:Edit


Artio when she shows herself to the campione

Artio summoned a number of divine beasts to attack Godou Kusanagi, Madame Aisha, Salvatore Doni and the Franks. After the campione defeated all of the divine beasts, Artio shows herself to them and mentioned that the next time they met she will bring her son to vanquish them.

A few days since encountering Godou, Aisha, and Doni an eclipse took place and then after she descend she was then confronted by the trio and then she uses the Divine Sword of Salvation to summon the King of the End in order to vanquish all campione and end that era.

Artio used her power as an Earth Goddess in order for her and the King of the End to resist the power of the Black Blade "Sword of the Beginning and the End" that Godou had used.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Artio is capable of summoning a Bear divine beast.


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