Gender Female
Ethnicity Greek
Hair Color Silver
Personal Status
Rank Heretic God
Voice Actor

Circe is a Heretic God in the world of Campione!


Circe has the appearance of a 15-16 year-old girl with silver hair, long lashes, and rosy cheeks. She is the embodiment of maidenly beauty. However—her arms, legs, and lower torso are made of brass prostheses. She can assume the form of a lioness.


As with all Heretic Gods, Circe is strong willed and arrogant to an extreme degree.  She is constantly looking for a hero to be her consort and will take no disagreement with her choice.  Even from her consort. She also gets jealous when her intended consort shows preference towards other women.


At some point in the ancient past, Circe seduced the Heretic God Odysseus, and stole part of his Authority.

More recently, Circe seduced the Campione Black Prince Alec, though he never really fell for her and simply faked being in love in an attempt to retrieve information. Eventually, he escaped, using his Authority to create a labyrinth to imprison her on the island long enough for him to escape.  In his escape he badly wounded her, cutting off her legs and arms.  She was somehow able to survive, and make or acquire brass prosthetics to replace the missing parts.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Circe is a goddess of dawn and deity of magic.  Possessing a myriad of transformations, making use of a variety of spells to produce all sorts of miracles and mysterious phenomena.

Shield of Gold - A vortex of light spreads itself out like a canopy to block and absorb solar attacks. The reason for this is because "an existence capable of devouring light must necessarily harbor light within as well," and Circe is the goddess of dawn.

Incantation: 'O light of dawn, offer up to me the shield of gold!'

Hero Confinement - Steal the Authorities of heroes, and heroic gods, allowing Circe to summon Divine Beasts that wield those abilities.

  • Warrior of the Bow - Authority stole from Odysseus, allowing her to summon a warrior who fires a magic arrow of steel at long distance.
  • Boar - Authority of Verethragna stolen from Godou Kusanagi.  Summons a giant boar Divine Beast. Incantation: 'O beast that stands as the Persian Warlord's manifestation. By the bonds of wizardry, heed my call now and come forth!'
  • White Stallion - Authority of Verethragna stolen from Godou Kusanagi.  Summons a white horse Divine Beast. Incantation: 'O immortal sun, I beseech you to send forth dawn's horse-drawn carriage!'
  • Bull - Authority of Verethragna stolen from Godou Kusanagi.  Summons a powerful giant Minotaur.
  • Goat - Authority of Verethragna stolen from Godou Kusanagi. Summons a black goat Divine Beast. Incantation: 'One who enacts justice, please direct me towards the light and the righteous path!'
  • Gale - Authority of Verethragna stolen from Godou Kusanagi. Summons a small tornado.
  • Raptor - Authority of Verethragna stolen from Godou Kusanagi. Summons a raptor Divine Beast. Incantation: 'Evil ones, tremble before me, the one possessing wings...My wings shall bring cursed retribution to you all!'
  • Ram - Authority of Verethragna stolen from Godou Kusanagi. Circe never used this incarnation in her fights against Godou, likely having seen little use for it.

Eagle - Summons an eagle Divine Beast, possessed of sacred powers ruling over the wind and when combined with the goddess' power of the sun can become a firebird. Incantation: 'O one who derives enjoyment from flames, please bestow your pleasures upon us.'

Sea Serpent - Summon a Divine Beast in the form of a giant snake capable of releasing electric shocks.

Cyclops - Summon a Divine Beast with the powers of super strength and the ability to summon dark clouds in the sky and releasing lightning.


  • Circe is the second female Heretic God to willingly pass something along to Godou upon her death.

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