Devil King Civil War is a war that participated by all present Campione and their Companions / Loyal Servant. The war held at Japan were Prince Rama revived and fight the seventh Campione Godou Kusanagi. The war was held to prevent Prince Rama use his strogest authority "The great ritual of the Old Covenant" where his power equal to the power of all present Campione. The war was battle royal between seven Campione to get one survivor in order to fight Prince Rama in equal footing. Devil King Civil War Contained in Light Novel Volume 19 and 20.

List Of Participant Of Devil King Civil War Edit

Campione Companions Authority Status

Sasha Dejanstahl Voban

(Wolf King)

  1. Legion of Hungry-wolves (Icon / mostly used)
  2. Death Ring (Cage of Killed Servant)
  3. Curse of Sodom (Sodom’s Eye)
  4. Otherland’s Dragon (Realm of the Dead’s Black Dragon)
  5. Sturm und Drang (Gale and Surging Waves)
  6. Red Punishment (Judge’s Calamity Flame)
Assumed Dead
Luo Cuilian

(Sect Founder Luo Hao)

Lu Yinghua

Nymphs (Creature in Underworld)

  1. Divine Might of Vajrapani (The Power) (Icon / mostly used)
  2. Dragon’s Howl and Tiger’s Roar (Dragon Voice)
  3. Fragrant Hundred Grass, Thousand Flower Profuse Blooming (Hopeless Forest)
  4. Empty Dream of Golden Millet(Terrible Metropolis)
Travel To Parallel World
Madame Aisha

(The Mysterious Queen of Caves)

  1. Live Or Die
  2. Grand Luck (Grace to Fortunate Saint)
  3. Beyond the Timeless Horizon (Corridor of Fairy Realm) (Icon / mostly used)
  4. Charm and Curse (Queen’s Curse)
  5. Jabberwock Slayer (The Sword of the Country of Wonder)
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Black Prince Alec

(Alexander Gascoigne)


(Sir Iceman)

  1. Black Lightning (Lightning Speed) (Icon / mostly used)
  2. Judge of Furies (Goddess of Revenge)
  3. The Labyrinth (Great Labyrinth)
  4. Queen The Faceless
  5. Weird Greed (Wandering Avarice)
Travel To Parallel World

John Pluto Smith

(Annie Charlton)

Fellow of Fairy Kings
  1. Metamorphoses (Super Transformation) (Icon / mostly used)
  2. The Freeshooter (Shooter of Magic Bullet)
  3. Lord of Elves (Imperial Crown of Fairy King)
  4. Formless Spawn
Travel To Parallel World

Lord Salvatore Doni

(King Of Swords)

Andrea Rivera(The King's Butler)
  1. Silver-arm the Ripper (Icon / Mostly used)
  2. Man of Steel (Divine Protection of Steel)
  3. Return to Medieval Style
  4. Divine Confusion
Travel To Parallel World


Godou Kusanagi

(King of Chaos)

  1. The Persian Warlord (The Eastern God of War) (Icon / Mostly used)
  2. Ama-no-murakumo
  3. Stormbringer (Black Sword)
  4. Lance of White Knight (Charge of White Knight)
  • Bold Latter is Title of Campione or People and authority that mostly used or icon of Campione


In order to obstruct the unraveling of the seal of 『King of the End』 who was a 「godslayer killer」, they all ran about everywhere, but their hard work ended up in vain and 『King of the End』 was revived by the hands of four heroes.

In front of that overwhelming power Godou was forced to retreat, but using his only trump card he determined the true name of 『King of the End』 that was 「Rama」, and in the end of a mortal combat he obtained a narrow victory. However, as long as Campione existed in the present time then 「Rama」would keep resurrecting no matter how many times, and he would become as strong as how many Campione there were.

All the Campione decided that the possible way to oppose 「Rama」was to carry out extermination of their fellow Campione, and the last one surviving Campione would be the one to fight 「Rama」. (LN V19)

In order to welcoming the coming war the Campione began their preparation such as John Pluto Smith (Annie Charlton) goes to underworld to meet with the fellow of fairy kings in order survive Beyond the Timeless Horizon (Corridor of Fairy Realm) most troublesome authority of Madame Aisha and Godou Kusanagi try to make alliance with his sister[1]Luo Cuilian. Before war begin Black Prince Alec already think a plan to oppose Rama where is no need to blood to spilled, the plan was to all current Campione to the past using Beyond the Timeless Horizon (Corridor of Fairy Realm) of Madame Aisha and Price Rama will accomplish his mission of exterminating devil king and he would fall asleep once more but his stated that it will lead to the worst destruction. There is another plan that was all Campione join hand but that possibility beyond impossible. Meanwhile (three day after fighting Rama) Godou Kusanagi and his companions sent Athena off to underworld. After sending her off he receive invitation of his sister[2]Luo Cuilian, the invitation sent to rest of Campione but it's never reach John Pluto Smith (because He/She in underworld). The contain of invitation is 『Tonight, thinking that I wish to meet with everyone by all means――』.

It was Thursday. It was past eight PM at late winter February at Haneda Airport. All Campione arrived at the place and[3]Luo Cuilian begin the meeting and then Sasha Dejanstahl Voban state that the war sould begin when the clock hit the midnight. Three of  Campione Sasha Dejanstahl Voban, Luo Cuilian and Salvatore Doni state that they will participate in the war, Black Prince Alec and John Pluto Smith would mainly focus self defence, Godou Kusanagi said he will the fight Rama and the rest should stay down and the last Campione Madame Aisha oppose the war. After she stated her opposition the Campione begin leaving the Haneda Airport.

Flow Of WarEdit

Devil King Civil War (Battle Royal) begin right after the day change. The first one attack Sasha Dejanstahl Voban and the target was Madame Aisha. Though she get away from army of wolf of wolf king she trapped in Fragrant Hundred Grass, Thousand Flower Profuse Blooming (Hopeless Forest) of Luo Cuilian. Then Godou arrive try to help Madame Aisha using 『Warrior』 and persuade his sister to let the madame go and success. After retreat Luo Cuilian meet Sasha Dejanstahl Voban by a chance and form an alliance.

In followed past noon Madame Aisha meet Black Prince Alec by a chance and later Godou show up there after get the location from Erica and Liliana that tailing Madame Aisha. In the meeting Alec state that he will take madame Aisha out of stage and Godou defence the Madame. when the situation heat up Erica and Liliana try to "kidnap" the madame but stop by Lu Yinghua the discipline of Luo Cuilian. Erica vs Lu Yinghua and let Liliana escape to fulfill the mission but stop by Sir Iceman.

After the talking done fight between fellow devil king begin. Alec said to godou that the reinforcement because his companion hindered by Lu Yinghua the discipline of Luo Cuilian and his companion Sir Iceman. after exchanging several blow John Pluto Smith come and taking Alec side. He/She state that "In this devil king civil war, the unpredictable factor that is Madam Aisha ought to be removed quickly". Less then 0.1 second later Madam Aisha’s figure vanished, leaving only a scream and the culprit is Alec. Than the fight change to Madame Aisha Vs Black Prince Alec and John Pluto Smith Vs Godou Kusanagi. Godou used 『Boar』 while smith used Pitch - Black Demonic Bird. Madame Aisha used Charm and Curse (Queen’s Curse) while Black Prince Alec used Black Lightning (Lightning Speed) and several normal scale magic. Meanwhile Smith hardly dealing with 『Boar』 He/She change to Archmage seeing that Godou command the 『Boar』 『You can do as you please with the big thing in front of the station, so come!』. At the same time the fight between Erica and Lu Yinghua reach the next stage where Erica release limitation of Cuore de Lione turn into one hand broad sword that posses it own will, and in other side Liliana survive after get one hit of Sir Iceman mace get help from Mariya Yuri from underworld. with Yuri's help Liliane success confine Sir Iceman and seize the victory and than goes the the Madame Aisha location.

After causing riot with her authority madame Aisha ran away from the place, after some time she get caught by Alec Using Queen The Faceless (Goddess Melusine). after Alec caught Madame Aisha, Lilina came and take Madame Aisha to Godou places.

To Be Continue....

End Of warEdit

After the heated fight where everything at stake Salvatore Doni with his all his power able injury and forcefully make Luo Cuilian at her peak retreat to Corridor of Fairy Realm that already alter by fairy kings meanwhile Godou beat Sasha Dejanstahl Voban in his dragon form. When his Dragon form destroy his soul gem try to escape to Corridor of Fairy Realm, Lancelot Lu Lac in blink pf eyes throw her spear and pierce the gem. Godou command her to carry the corpse of wolf king while she advise Godou to dispose it. After that Godou rejoin with Doni, while Doni guard down godou pierce him with black arrowhead that entrusted by Sita. Being stabbed by that arrowhead put Doni in Coma State, seeing that Godou throw Doni to Corridor of Fairy Realm, when Corridor of Fairy Realm closed wolf king dead body crumbled into sand and rolled up to the sky riding the blowing wind make Godou shocked. Seeing that put Godou in thought and decide to Athena Later. Anyway, with this he finally got back into square one. The time to have another meeting with the hero Rama had arrived. Godou took a deep breath. Right after that, wind was blowing. It was a white monkey clad in a small tornado, its Hanuman that returning group from twelve thousand years ago along with Sword of Salvation. Hanuman said this to Godou "In order to destroy the Rakshasa rajas of this generation that are the resented the enemy of prince-sama, and bring about peace to this world. I was told to wait for all of you to repeat your internal discord until you all are completely weakened" (LN V20). with apparence Hanuman enclose The worst of all war The war between Devil King.

Trivia Edit

  • Erica state that authority of Campione is flexible, and saying it without any embellishment than it is just too vague.
    • Madam Aisha accomplished an escape from such Demonic Forest of Luo Cuilian by herself even though she is the weakest firepower among Campione.
    • Madam Aisha can also cause a severe famine with her winter authority, and above all is the monster that brought about the greatest calamity that was the historical destruction.
    • Lu Yinghua said that his master can change the whole Japan into decay world.
    • Godou said to Liliane previously 『It’s scary just how much its maximum power can do so I don’t try it out』. The first time Godou used 『White Horse』 without thinking anything and unleashed a firepower that dissolved the whole harbor of the ancient city Palermo of Sicilia Island into melting liquid.
    • Erica state that since Godou fire the 『White Horse』 for the first time he holding as much as possible and never unleash his Authority fullpower until the war begin.
    • Liliana state her suspisious of Salvatore Doni "Even though his worth should be only about cutting something into two with a sword, but is that really all……there were several cases that looked suspicious"
  • Liliana state that Sir Iceman is worthy rival of Paolo Blandelli.
  • Andrea Rivera For the sake of the honor of Italia as well as Southern Europe’s magic world, he promptly concealed the scandal of his master and went through days of wracking his brain so that it wouldn’t spread to outside.
  • Erica predict the danger cause by Devil King Civil War to the people of Tokyo should be at the level that is beyond description.

Reference Edit

  1. Light Novel Volume 19
  2. Light Novel Volume 20