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Divine Ancestors are a type of being in the world of Campione!


Divine Ancestors are former mother earth goddesses who have been either defeated by the King of the End, or sacrificed their power to him, and lost most of their Divine Power and Authorities. They lose their memories after being reborn, seemingly only remembering fragments of their past, and their nature.  They do appear to retain much of the personality and arrogance of their divine selves, however.

Among Witches, Guinevere is considered to be the queen of the Divine Ancestors.  Since her death, this position is now filled by Pallas Athena, Athena's reincarnation.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Divine Ancestors are Witches of the highest order, having enormous magical power, though less than a Heretic God, or Campione, and eternal youth. If slain, they will reincarnate centuries later, but lack most of their memories, only retaining enough to be aware of who and what they were and are.

Divine Ancestors can, if they desire, restore their original abilities as Heretic Gods by transforming into a snake or dragon.  However, this transformation is temporary, and will exhaust the Divine Ancestor's life force, causing them to die after soon after. Thus it is a move of last resort. However, like the Heretic Gods they once where, they will eventually revive.

Known Divine AncestorsEdit

  • Guinevere (Called Queen of the Divine Ancestors)
  • Leviathan
  • Pallas Athena
  • Princess with Glass Eyes


  • Divine Ancestors can interbreed successfully with humans, producing children (descendents) who possess various spiritual powers.
    • They are the Hime-Miko, and Witches.
    • It is unknown if only Divine Ancestors can successfully interbreed with humans, or whether full Heretic Gods can do so as well.
  • Divine Ancestors tend to look rather child-like, around the ages of 12-13.

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