Divine Sword of Salvation
Other Names Excalibur
Type Divine Sword
Abilities Unleash massive destructive force
Wielder(s) King Who Manifests at the World's End
Artio (temporarily)
Lancelot du Lac

Excalibur is a Divine Sword in the world of Campione.


The personal weapon of the King Who Manifests at the World's End, Rama, the Divine Sword of Salvation is an extremely powerful sword.  When not active, it looks like a worn and broken sword.  Only when empowered by the energies of a Mother Goddess its true form and power manifest.  It was temporarily used by the Heretic God Lancelot.  It is tied to the Holy Grail, which adsorbs power from Mother Goddesses, to channel into the sword. It acts as a defense for the Heretic God Rama, aka the King Who Manifests at the World's End, allowing him to enter it in order to rest and recover from battle when slain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Divine Sword of Salvation is a weapon meant to slay Campione.  Because of this, it can hurl incredible destructive force in the form of a barrage of lightning bolts.  When used at higher power, this lightning bolts become tipped with iron weapons.  If a Campione is struck by these weapons, they find their superhuman recovery is useless, as the wounds will heal as if the victim was a normal human.  Even healing Magic is useless at speeding up recovery.  Only by triggering the Campione's natural reaction to combat with a Heretic God can the curse be broken. The true form of its attack is the Divine Sword Mandala, which creates a mandala above the King of the End filled with images of weapons, any of which can be summoned for use, or used in a barrage against enemies.


  • Comments indicate that the King of the End and Excalibur are tightly connected, beyond just being part of each others legend.
    • In its dormant form, the Divine Sword of Salvation acts as a place of rest for the the King of the End.
      • As long as this weapon exists, the King, Rama, cannot be permanently slain.
  • A prophecy made by Circe suggests Godou may acquire the Divine Sword of Salvation.
  • Legend claims that King Arthur (who is a separate Heretic God) also wielded Excalibur, but it is unknown if these were one and the same, or another divine weapon.

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