Godou KusanagiEdit

Erica and Godou started off on the wrong foot, with Erica mistaking him for a mage from a rival magical society. However, his courage and willingness to sacrifice himself, as well as his ladykiller ways, caused her to fall in love with him. However, this affection seems to be one-sided most of the time as Godou constantly fights against showing anything but normal friendship to her. Erica has declared that she will be his wife, though she doesn't mind if he has other women as long as she is #1 in his heart. By the end of Series Godou and Erica is close enough to have sex and ask Godou to think a name for their child.

Arianna Hayama ArialdiEdit

She is Erica's maid and friend.

Yuri MariyaEdit

The pair first started out as antagonists or opponents, as Yuri attempted to control what she considered Erica's unseemly behavior in showing her affection for Godou all the time. After their various adventures together, the two have become more along the lines of friendly rivals for Godou's affections.

Though the two still argue over Erica's public behavior.

Liliana KranjcarEdit

Liliana and Erica are old friends and rivals from two different orders of knighthood, the Bronze Black Cross and the Copper Black Cross, and they are the only members who can stand toe to toe with each other in skill. However, they are otherwise complete opposites. Liliana is a witch who is very conscious of duty and formalities, while Erica is a Hermetic mage who is much more relaxed about them, though both have a very strong sense of honor. The relationship between these two get closer since become godou's woman, they more often work together to support Their king and man Kusanagi Godou. By the end of series they work together in shanghai making assosiasion under Godou command and join force with assosiasion under queen of material art.

Ena SeishuuinEdit

The two have something of a rivalry because of Ena's near defeat of her while in the Netherworld, and because of her romantic interest in Godou. Erica considers her as the toughest rival in the group because of her innocent nature.

Genaro GantzEdit

One of Erica's fellow members of Copper-Black Cross, Genaro was the only other member to be in line for the title of Diavolo Rosso, the Great Knight of the order. The two appear to hate each others guts for unknown reasons.

Lucretia ZolaEdit

Erica has a certain amount of respect for Lucretia, as they both have similar personalities, and Lucretia seems to try and promote Erica's romance of Godou, and has since the three first met.

Amakasu ToumaEdit

Erica on rare occasions when she seeks information that her own sources cannot get, she seek Amakasu out and try to get information out of him.

Paolo BlandelliEdit

Erica’s uncle and her guardian, the only person that she listens to.