Grimoires are items in which magical power and wisdom have been infused.


Grimoire are ancient devices that contain Magic and magical wisdom and knowledge, the most ancient of which are infused with the power and wisdom of a god. Unlike how they are commonly depicted, however, a Grimoire does not need to be a book. In fact, as the first of them predate books, many Grimoire have forms very different from what is commonly imagined. The most ancient ones being carved out of stone or metal.

The abilities of a Grimoire are dependent upon the specific nature of the Magic infused in it. Prometheus, a trickster god, granted the power of Theft to his Grimoire, allowing it to temporarily steal an Authority or spell from another god. Athena's Gorgoneion held the power of Earth and the Snake.

Known GrimoireEdit


  • Until Volume 8, none of the Grimoire shown had been books, but pieces of metal or stone.
    • Those shown prior to Volume 8 were all storage devices containing a god's power, and in one case, one of the god's Authorities.
    • The Book in Praise of David's Great Works is the first Grimoire shown that is a book, and has spells written in it.