Holy Grail
Other Names San Graal
Type Divine
Forms Golden Urn
Pallas Athena
Abilities Absorb power from Earth Mother Goddesses, and channel it into Excalibur, and the King Who Manifests at the World's End
Wielder(s) Guinevere

The Holy Grail is a Divine Artifact in the world of Campione.


The Holy Grail was created with the dying breath of the Mother Earth Goddess Gwenhwyfar, both to aide her in finding and reawakening her master, the King of the End, from his long slumber, and aide him after he awoke again.  When she later reincarnated as the Divine Ancestor Guinevere, she integrated it into the legend of Arthur, which she crafted in order to help awaken the King.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Holy Grail is a powerful Divine Artifact, and to empower it, it must be fed the essence of other Heretic Gods, specifically Mother Earth Goddesses.

Guinevere has also used it to help Lancelot wield the King of the End's sword, Excalibur, and unleash its great power.

Any Earth Goddess slain by it will be transformed into a Divine Ancestor.

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