Ichirou Kusanagi
Age +70 year old
Gender Male
Ethnicity Japanese
Personal Status
Relatives Godou Kusanagi (Grandson)
Shizuka Kusanagi (Granddaughter)
Chiyo Kusanagi (Wife) (Deceased)
Genzou Kusanagi (Former-son-in-law)
Mayo Kusanagi (Daughter)
Rank Professor (Retired)
Voice Actor
Ichirou Kusanagi is a character from Campione and the grandfather of Godou and Shizuka Kusanagi.


Ichirou is a very kind and charismatic old man who is known to have been quite the lady killer when he was younger, though he always remained faithful to his wife after their marriage. However, he still retains the skills and personality that made women fall for him as a young man.


Ichirou is a former professor of folklore, and was something of a legend in such circles for his field work, and learning secrets of the people and culture. He was also known as a lady-killer because of his charisma and personality, which drew women to him with ease.

As a university student, Ichirou met and befriended a beautiful woman named Lucretia Zola, who gained the reputation of a Witch, which she would acknowledge as being true. The pair, along with a fellow student of folklore Takamatsu, went on a hot springs trip where they came across a group being plagued by a curse from an earth god. Lucretia used Prometheus' Grimoire to seal the curse.

When it finally came time for Lucretia to return home to Sardinia, Ichirou's then girlfriend Chiyo forbade him from seeing her ever again in a fit of jealousy.

Ichirou eventually married Chiyo, fathering at least one child, who became the mother of Shizuka and Godou Kusanagi.

Some time later, Ichirou and Chiyo began to help raise their grandchildren, Godou and Shizuka.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 1-3, 8, 10, Short Story 2

Mention: Volume 5, 11-12