Il Maestro
Liliana and Il Maestro
Liliana Kranjcar holding Il Maestro
Other Names Master Musician
Type Magic Sword
Forms Saber
David's Bow
Wielder(s) Saint Raffaello (Former Wielder)
Liliana Kranjcar (Current Wielder)

Il Maestro is a magic sword used by Liliana Kranjcar.


The magic sword used by Liliana Kranjcar. Forged with Wootz steel from Damascus, and sister sword of Erica's Cuore di Leone. The full range of abilities of Il Maestro (The Master) have yet to be shown. However, it has been shown that it can be transformed into what is called [David's Bow], and its true form is a spear or glaive, with the power/attribute of [Magic Melody], which plays mysterious metallic tunes that disrupt the listener's thoughts. This weapon also has the power to amplify wielder's magic and power.

In the third episode, Liliana used it to protect Yuri Mariya.

The form of [David's Bow] requires the spell Song of the Bow, which along with the spell Golgatha appear to be the only spells capable of overcoming the innate magical defenses of Heretic Gods and Campione.

Il Maestro was originally the property of a knight known as Saint Raffaello,

Il Maestro IncantationEdit

  • "My wings. Steel that becomes the form of my phantom blade! Il Maestro, grant me power!"
  • "Wings of Artemis, grant me the blessing of the flight!"
  • "Strega wings, aid my flight!"
  • "From the blood of the slain, the bow of Jonathan did not turn back! From the fat of the mighty, the sword of Saul did not return unsatisfied! Oh, For I wonder if the heroes have fallen in the midst of the battle. Jonathan's Bow, for you are a vessel of the hero, swifter than eagles, stronger than lions! With all speed, dispatch your enemy!"
  • "The essence of fantasy, steel that plays brilliant melodies! I beseech you, grant unto me invisible wings!"