Academy 1
Jounan Academy
is one of the main settings of Campione, and the school most of the main characters and many of the supporting characters attend.


Jounan Academy is a school composed of three divisions: middle school division, high school division, and college division.

The academy has segregated physical education for boys and girls. When two classes take lessons together (ex. Godou's class five was together with Yuri's class six ), the boys and girls are split up. .



Jounan Academy has a very large campus with separate buildings for each division.

The campus also has a gymnasium, out-door swimming pool, a small forest (with a few ponds) near the boundary between the high and middle school sections, an old-fashioned Japanese building for the various clubs of the culture department, and an old school building (which was later destroyed by Erica).



Jounan Academy has two sets of uniforms, one for boys and one for girls.


Tea Ceremony ClubEdit

The tea ceremony club one of the various clubs of Jounan Academy's culture department.
Academy tea club

Tea Ceremony Club


Drama ClubEdit


  • Sawa

Kendo ClubEdit

A sports club of the school.


  • Takagi

Photography ClubEdit


  • Ono

Jounan Academy StudentsEdit

Middle School DivisionEdit

High School DivisionEdit

First-Year Students:
Second-Year Students:
  • Hanabusa Akari

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