Lancelot du Lac
Lancelot Du Lac
Age Millennia
Gender Female
Ethnicity Greek
Hair Color Blonde
Other Names Knight of the Lake
Equipment Excalibur (Borrowing)
Authorities: Insane Rush
Personal Status
Affiliations Guinevere (Ally)

King Who Manifests at the World's End (Former Ally)
Witches (Guardian)
Godou Kusanagi ( Master )

Rank Heretic God
Voice Actor

Lancelot is a Heretic God in Campione!


Lancelot always wears a white steel knight's armor, but she's in fact a beautiful Caucasian girl with short, honey-colored hair and sky-blue eyes. She was described as in her late teens. She has a tall, slim build with an exquisite face like an angel's, displaying all-surpassing purity (as described by Godou). Since her resurrection, Lancelot now wears black armor without a helmet.



At one time, Lancelot was an ally to the Heretic God known as the King of the End, the most powerful God of Steel, who eventually developed into King Arthur (who has since become a separate Heretic God.) She was also allied to the Earth Goddess who would later reincarnate as Guinevere, who created the Holy Grail with her dying breath, and eventually became a Divine Ancestor.

Since that time, Lancelot has been the guardian of the highest ranked Witches in the world, the Greatest Witch in the Heavens, and the Greatest Witch on Earth.

The goddess of [Steel] who eventually became known as Lancelot du Lac was originally one of the three queens of the Amazons; Antiope, Hippolyta, or Melanippe.  Which of the three is never specified.  After she manifested in the World of the Living, Lancelot traveled the world, eventually becoming allied to the King of the End, and the Earth Goddess Gwenhwyfar.

The three traveled together, until the King of the End went into his sleep, and Gwenhwyfar died creating the Holy Grail, eventually reincarnating as a Divine Ancestor.

At some point, the Goddess encountered Gwenhwyfar's reincarnation, Guinevere, and the two attempted to revive the King of the End from his slumber.  They circulated stories about the King of the End, and the Goddess took on the persona of a male knight named Lancelot du Lac (Lancelot the Lake).  However, Guinevere was slain before she could finish the process, creating legends which eventually gave rise to King Arthur as a separate god.

After this, Lancelot became the immortal guardian to the most powerful Witches; the Greatest Witch in the Heavens, and the Greatest Witch on Earth among them.  This tempered her Heretic God nature somewhat, but also her power, weakening her, but granting her more self-control.

Eventually, Guinevere once again reincarnated, and Lancelot once again became her guardian.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a Goddess of Steel Lancelot has superhuman strength and durability, specifically a body of living steel. She can invoke a defense of turning into mist, which renders her immune to physical injury. She also appears to have some ability (whether a spell or Authority is unknown) to drive others into an intense lust for battle called Insane Rush. As an example, she kissed Godou and used her power to raise his battle lust and join forces with her and Guinevere to fight Black Prince Alec. Under the effects of Insane Rush, Godou is able to ignore the 'once per day' limit on his Authorities. Insane Rush is a "curse" similar to a berserker rage. Godou loses all limitations; be it his "pacifist" attitude, or his discretion towards his female companions.

She has also shown the ability to transform her armor into an army of warriors that can be resummoned as long as Lancelot survives, another aspect of her immortality.


  • Lancelot is the first female God of Steel to appear in the series.
  • Besides Athena, Lancelot is the only other female God who kissed Godou.
  • Lancelot is one of the three queens of the Amazons, the specific one was not established.
    • Possibly the most famous, Hippolyta.
  • It was stated (and assumed) that if Lancelot returns as a [Heretic God], it may be as a male knight.
    • If said Heretic God is one of the 3 Amazon queens, however, she may be similar to the original Lancelot, or may manifest as two separate Gods of Steel.
  • Lancelot has been resurrected as a weapon of the King of the End.
    • She decided to follow Godou instead and has turned against Rama.
  • It is currently speculated that his servant Lancelot du Lac is the "white blade" that the goddess Circe prophesied because of the words said during the battle of Godou and Rama ,the war god Lancelot du Lac turned into "white lightning".