Liliana Kranjcar
Liliana Kranjcar Wallpaper
Kana リリアナ・クラニチャール
Romaji Ririana Kuranicharu
Age 16
Gender Female
Ethnicity Eastern European (Croatian)
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Other Names Lily

Blue Knight
Fairy Knight

Equipment Il Maestro (The Master)
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandfather
Godou (Boyfriend)

Karen Jankulovski (Maid)

Affiliations Bronze-Black Cross (Member)

Jounan Academy (High-School Division Student)

Rank Great Knight
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Eri Kitamura
English Voice Genevieve Simmons

Liliana Kranjcar is one of the main female characters in Campione.


Liliana is described as being a beautiful, slender girl with a fairy-like appearance having long sliver hair and blue eyes.


Liliana has a serious, knight-like personality. And because of her personality, she easily, if not often, gets played by Erica and Karen, Liliana’s maid, before she realizes it. However, despite her serious attitude, Liliana has shy, modest feelings toward her body and loves to read romantic books, but is too embarrassed to share her hobby and gets furious when someone reads her book.


Born in Croatia and raised in Milan, Liliana was a member of the magical association descended from the Knights Templar called Bronze-Black Cross, and a childhood friend and rival of Erica's, the pair having met at the age of two, and both of them earning their knighthood at the age of twelve. As part of the tradition, shortly after earning their knighthood, both traveled to gain Magic swords for themselves at the Saint Gilardino Monastery outside of Florence, Italy. There, they first encountered Salvatore Doni, just after he had become a Campione. While traveling with him, they encountered the retired Great Knight Saint Raffaello, the only knight to gain two swords from the Monastery, and one of Doni's teachers.

The pair found a Grimoire of great importance, and traded the magical knowledge they gained from it for Saint Raffaello's two magic swords, Il Maestro and Cuore di Leone.

It was immediately thereafter that Liliana's grandfather, the head of Bronze-Black Cross, called her as one of a number of Witches and Miko to help Voban with a ritual. There she met the Hime-Miko, Yuri Mariya. The pair were among the few of those gathered who retained their minds after the ritual was over.


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 2:Edit

Liliana made her 1st appearance in Volume 2, while serving the Campione Voban, under her grandfather’s order. Voban planned to do a ritual to summon a god like he did 4 years ago, and so he planned to gather high quality magic-users and he remembered one from last time that was quite high quality. Liliana reported that magic-user was Yuri Mariya from Japan, though Voban went to Japan to fetch this Yuri Mariya accompanied by Liliana.
Once they got to Japan, they found and retrieved Yuri Mariya. Not long afterward, Japan’s young Campione and Erica came to take back Yuri Mariya. Liliana went to greet them and escorted them to Voban. They first talk but before long Erica provokes the old campione and causes him to create a game for them to play in which he is the hunter and they, Godou, Yuri, and Erica are the prey. Voban gave them a head start, and said that if they could keep him from taking Yuri before sunrise, he would allow them to keep her.
During the hunt, Liliana and Erica engaged in combat several times as well as Erica fighting off dead servants created by Voban's power. Erica persuaded Liliana to join their just cause with the help of some blackmail. Once Liliana temporarily joined Godou's and Erica's side as an ally and Godou reappeared to confront Voban; Liliana and the rest watch the two Campione battle it out. The battle ended with Voban having the advantage, however, he withdrew from the battlefield and claimed that it’s his loss because of the time limit he'd given them. Before he left, he stated that he will become Godou’s enemy from now on.
Sometime afterward, back in Italy, Liliana reported what happened in Japan to the Campione Salvatore Doni. Salvatore Doni was thrilled when he heard that Godou made the old devil retreat. On a side note, Salvatore Doni stated that he helped Liliana officially get dismissed from serving Voban.

Volume 3:Edit

During the flashback of Volume 3, it was mentioned that both Erica and Liliana found their magical swords in the catacombs beneath Florence.

Volume 4:Edit

In Volume 4, Liliana and her associate witch in Naples requested Salvatore Doni to give his opinion on how to deal with a Grimoire they had. Salvatore (being the idiot that he is) replied by saying “why not cut it to pieces”; Liliana and her fellow witch immediately objected and prevented him from doing so, unfortunately that night (same day) Salvatore snuck out and indeed cut the Grimoire to pieces as Liliana watched in horror as she was powerless to stop him. When the Grimoire was cut, Salvatore was blasted into the sea. Liliana watched as a serpentine dragon emerged from the Grimoire and then a Heretic God appeared as well. This Heretic God claims he is Perseus, then after stating his name, he started attacking the dragon; moments later another Heretic God appeared on the scene along with Godou. They quickly exchange information and have an unpleasant conversation with each of the Gods, but before long Godou was forced to fight Perseus. Due to his lack of information on Perseus and his weird ability to cut down his power; Godou was struck down which caused Liliana to believe that it was her fault that Godou died. Perseus, believing that he had killed the god slayer, left the area to tour the modern world.
Fortunately, Godou did not die and when he woke up he was at one of Liliana’s associates house. With a bit of complication and exchange of information, Godou and Liliana confronted Perseus again, and Godou fought him with Liliana's support. With the last of his (Godou) strength he sent Perseus flying. While Godou was unconscious, Salvatore appeared on the scene and killed the weakened Perseus but did not gain any new Authority, and left the scene afterward.
When Godou woke up, he was in the hospital; at the time he believed Perseus was still out there weakened and had gone into hiding to heal. (Unknown to him that Perseus was killed by Salvatore when he fainted). At this time Erica and Yuri showed up at the hospital with hostile intent toward Godou because they believed that Godou should be punished for worrying them so much, while at the same time Liliana who recently swore allegiance as Godou’s knight tried to defend her new master.

Volume 5:Edit

In Volume 5, Liliana had just transferred in to Godou’s school and was now act as his bodyguard, unknowingly to her that Godou found her actions a bit bothersome even when told to tone it down. As life moved on, a new girl appeared onto the scene and that person was Ena Seishuuin, a Hime-miko and an old friend of Yuri. She claimed she wanted to be one of Godou’s Lovers, however Erica intervened and prevented her from doing so several times, and during one of those times Erica got a Date with Godou.
Yuri called up Liliana as Yuri explained to her that Erica and Godou were trapped in the Netherworld and they needed to work together to bring them back. With a bit of help from the History Compilation Committee, they brought back Godou and Erica from the Netherworld. By the time they came back from the Netherworld, Ena’s sword, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, took over her body and is on a rampage. Godou was force to save her and destroy Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. When everything ended, Ena was saved and Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi was being destroyed by Godou’s [Boar].
(Unknown time past after the incident with Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi). While Liliana was having lunch with Godou and the others on the school’s rooftop; Ena suddenly appeared and told them that she is being forced to temporarily return home to be re-educated, but before she left she states that she want to be one of Godou’s women; shocking and causing displeasure to the other girls when they heard that.

Volume 6:Edit

In Volume 6, Godou receives a text message from Yuri on his cell phone, asking him to meet her the next day. Coincidentally he met up with Erica and Liliana along the way to meet up with Yuri, but discovered it was her younger sister, Hikari, who sent the message. Hikari's reason for sending the message is because she wishes to request help from the Campione Godou to deal with an overly persistent member of one of the Four Families. Erica decided that they should help, and made a plan to deal with the problem. After the group had spoken with the young man, he agreed to stop persuading Hikari in working at his shrine.
Since Godou still has some questions about what a Hime-Miko does, he went to Yuri’s shrine to ask some questions only to discover that he was followed by Liliana. After being discovered by the Mariya sisters, Liliana claims she was only doing her duty as his bodyguard and there was nothing wrong with that. Somehow the conversation led to two things: one Liliana and Godou made a bet whether Hikari will fall in love with him or not and the second is to see if it possibly for Hikari to check out the shrine that the young man from the one of the Four Families were offering.
With a bit of help from the History Compilation Committee and the usage of the Godou Campione name, the young man agreed. Once they got to the shrine, Godou and the Mariya sisters went into the inner shrine while Liliana and Erica visited another nearby shrine, where they encountered Lu Yinghua, and the Heretic God Leviathan. With a great deal of work, the two are able to defeat Leviathan, forcing it back into the form of the Divine Ancestor Asheran. While Liliana distracted Lu Yinghua, Erica escapes to where Luo Hao was. Liliana and Lu Yinghua ended their fight in agreement when they sensed that their masters were fighting with full force nearby.

Volume 7:Edit

After being chased by Sun Wukong's divine beast monkey servants, Godou, Erica, Liliana, and Yuri, are joined by Anne Charlton, who claims to be an associate of John Pluto Smith, and aides them in driving off the beasts. When they were cornered, Ena show up in a nick of time and got rid of the last of the divine beasts. After that, Godou falls unconscious from his injuries. After Godou collapsed, they moved him into an open air hot spring to recover, where the four young ladies ended up striping for Godou, much to his embarrassment he ran away facing such scene.
The next morning, Godou set out to find Sun Wukong and distract him long enough so Yuri can get close enough to obtain the information on what kind of Heretic God he is. When Yuri finishes her task, Godou went to full on retreat while Erica and Liliana obstruct Sun Wukong path which they succeed. However, due to Godou using [Raptor] to retreat and Yuri overusing her power to obtain the information, both were temporary unable to move for themselves. While they were in this states the other girls defended them with their lives while giant monkey came crashing down to attack. While Ena handle one of the monkey Divine Beasts, Erica and Liliana handle the other one and diverge it away from Godou. While they, Erica and Liliana, did injure the Divine Beasts, they were overwhelmed by its power and were saves by John Pluto Smith and soon afterward were teleported to where Godou and companies were. Being injured and weakened, Godou used [Youth] on all four of the girls to help them recover and at the same time obtain the information from Yuri to use [Sword].
(Few Hours Past) Godou and his companions went to where Sun Wukong was and re-engaged him in combat. With the support and help of the girls, Godou was finally able to cut open Sun Wukong’s stomach and rescues Hikari. Once rescued, Godou ordered Hikari to help the other girls leave the area because they used up all their strength to protect Godou while he was rescuing Hikari, which she comply. When the battle was over, the girls return just as Luo Hao says her good-bye to her sworn brother known as Godou. This surprise and shock them as they heard this, however they were a little bit more shock when Hikari openly showed that she had a crush on Godou, unbeknownst to him. Liliana then stated that she won their wager and is proud to become Godou’s premier knight. Erica then went over and pinches Godou and stated that he at least deserve to be punished, the others girls plus Amakasu with the exemption of Hikari nodded in agreement.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapter.

Chapter 1: (This chapter is a short story that takes place sometimes before Chapter 4 of Volume 6 of Campione!) Liliana made short time appearances in this chapter as Godou try to deal with his cousin, Sakura.
Chapter 2: (This chapter takes place a week after Volume 7; present day, current timeline of Campione!) The story pick up as Godou along with Liliana went to Erica’s place to wake her up. Once they got there, Erica was woke up by Liliana as Godou wait outside her bedroom, soon afterward they were having a one side argument inside the bedroom before they headed out to school. Along the way, Erica gives a suggestion that Godou should create his own association so other associations wouldn’t try to uses his Campione’s power for their own purposes. Once school was over, Erica left the campus with seemly busy schedule ahead of her, around at the same time Godou receive a text message from his cousin, Sakura, requesting him to help her at. Showing and explaining to Liliana who was nearby about the text message he just received, they decided to uses Liliana’s plan (which was not stated in the Novel) and split up as Godou headed toward where his cousin was while Liliana went somewhere else.
Liliana watch in silence as Godou made contact with his cousin while using magic to conceal herself. While watching and listening in, she heard that Godou cousin’s friend was Renjou Fuyuhime. Unsure why a member of one of the four families forget the Campione’s (Godou) name wrong, Liliana requested that she investigate it by going to ask Amakasu or better yet Sayanomiya Kaoru that question. Godou approved while he tried to deal with the two young ladies in front of him.
Later on the same day, just as Erica accidentally told his cousin and her companion that Godou is a Campione; Liliana arrived just in time along with Sayanomiya Kaoru to put his cousin to sleep with magic. Soon everyone in the magic shop where that event happened was force to step outside to sort out the situation except the shop keeper and the sleeping cousin. Once Kaoru and Godou finished dealing with the situation per se, Erica then spoke up thanking Kaoru for such and such even, though she (Erica) didn’t do anything.
Chapter 3: (This chapter is short story that takes place 4 years before the main story of Campione!) The story kick off as Liliana, who just gain the title “Knight” was greeted by her childhood friend and fellow rival, Erica, at the monastery where they will receives their blessing and a sword. There they give each other simple greeting in their own way before a monk from the monastery greeted them. Erica then gracefully stated to the monk that she wanted to receive the swords used by Saint Raffaello as Liliana frowned at Erica when she heard she said that, stating Erica was being shameless in her word. After a few discussions between the two knights, Liliana also admitted she wanted to receive one of the swords used by Saint Raffaello. The monk then told them that in order to receive the swords used by Saint Raffaello, they first must find her and ask her. He then stated that almost all the people that tried to find her just gave up because they couldn’t find her to receive her swords expect one “idiot” who just wanted meet her and not her swords.
As they were talking about that idiot, the idiot, as the monk pointed out, just happen to stumble upon them in the monastery starving. After he has been fed he left the monastery, Erica and Liliana follow him and introduce themselves to him in order to found out where Saint Raffaello is locate. The unrefined young man that the monk call “idiot” reply to them in an idiotic or foolish style that made Erica and Liliana think that he is an idiot, but at the same time believes he is playing the fool. After they treat the young man with a meal at a restaurant after they left the monastery, they try to trail him using magic however they lost track of him right away.
Believing he knew some type of counter magic, Erica and Liliana went after him where they last saw him through magic. When they found him, they confronted him but only to find out that he is indeed an idiot but also he lost his memory; though they let him led the way as he try to remember why he here and places he sort of remember been. He led them to a medieval castles and forts outside the city, as Erica and Liliana trying to think what to do next. The young man start destroying part of the medieval castles and forts, claiming that it might act as a signal fire for people who might be related to the medieval castles and forts they standing in to come out. Moment later, a young lady riding a horse came in to check who causing the racket noise, only to find her so called unworthy disciple, Salvatore Doni as she claim him to be was doing something stupid. Believing this young lady is Saint Raffaello, Erica and Liliana immediately introduce themselves to her as Erica Blandelli and Liliana Kranjcar. Afterward they try to asset the situation by asking Saint Raffaello a question but they got interrupted by the young man who wanted to fight Saint Raffaello. Moment later, Saint Raffaello and the young man known as Salvatore Doni were fighting. Unknown time during the fight, Erica and Liliana were blasted into an underground cavern. In the cavern temple, they found the grimoire “The Book in Praise of David's Great Works” that they believe Saint Raffaello was guarding. During the time when Saint Raffaello and Salvatore Doni were fighting above-ground, Erica and Liliana used magic to memorized part of the book and later use magic to watch them finish the fight. Two hour later, they came back to the surface to greet Saint Raffaello and the newly born Campione, Salvatore Doni. With one glance, Saint Raffaello knew the two young lady uses magic to try to memorize the book. Liliana then try explain and apology for their behavior but Saint Raffaello simply sighted and handed them some key. Erica figure out that, that the key to Saint Raffaello’s sword and she was right when Saint Raffaello explain it to them. Later Saint Raffaello told Salvatore Doni to safeguard the grimoire for her.
(Some time past, minutes or hours after they left Saint Raffaello). Erica and Liliana were back outside the city of Florence and were taking a break. During the break, Liliana fix her so she look like her idol, Saint Raffaello. Soon afterward they start planning their next moves on getting to Saint Raffaello’s swords. They were interrupted by Liliana’s cellphone call by her grandpa. After the very quick chat on the phone, Liliana told Erica that his grandpa is being asked to help the Campione Marquis Voban to gather mikos and witches and she is to assistance them. They then have a very deep discussion on which mode of transportation system they should take to get back in the city.
Chapter 5 - Omake: (Present day, current timeline of Campione!) Liliana made short appearance early in this chapter as she was having dinner at Godou’s house along with other guests.
(Later, some-times past as Godou agree to help the “three idiot” out with school festival preparation) While waking up during the night in his classroom, tired out from preparing for the school festival and thirsty. Godou found some liquid in the dark classroom and drank it, not knowing it will force him back to sleep and have weird dream.
(During the Dream) Godou was woken up by Liliana in a western style bed while she served him an American style breakfast. Godou then asked the question why Liliana was wearing a maid uniform and she simply replied that he (Godou) told her to and also the fact that Erica did it as well just a few days ago. Pushing past that, Liliana then led him down a schedule that Godou was supposed to do for that day. Godou being confused and asking questions, Liliana assumed Godou wasn’t paying attention when she explained it to him last night. Rather than being angry at Godou or trying to correct him, Liliana simply accepted that her [King] was just that way and as his knight and women it should be that way. After Liliana talking to herself out loud, she then kissed Godou from simple to deep kiss; which forced Godou to push her away as he ran out the door, panicking from the weird situation. (Dream End).

Volume 9:Edit

The volume started off as Guinevere and Lancelot clashed with Athena somewhere in the Southern East Europe Area before Guinevere used an underhand trick in using the Holy Grail on Athena body where it slowly started sucking her power that would eventually kill her (Athena). Athena retreated from the battlefield immediately because she feels the Holy Grail was eating her power away; after Athena retreated Guinevere decided to head to Japan where she believed her [King] of the strongest steel slept unbeknown to her that Athena is also heading that way.
Back in Japan, Godou, Yuri, and Liliana as well as the rest of Jounan Academy students kick start its school festival. During the school festival, Erica was back in Italy due to some business she need take care of. After several days of school festival, when it was finally over, Godou receive a call from Ena requesting his help as a Campione stating that this request is similar to the one he receive from Erica in the past. Godou agree to help out and soon the next day, Sayanomiya Kaoru pick him up along with Yuri and Liliana to where Ena and Amakasu. When they arrive Yuri and Liliana went to help Amakasu to investigate what kind of grimoire it was while Godou and Ena stay where they were at. When everyone gathers back to nearby hotel where they were staying, Godou and Ena report in the appearance of Athena to the rest of the group. As they were getting down with their discussions, Guinevere suddenly appear before their group and announce to Godou that she know that he is going fight Athena soon and she (Guinevere) is here to help with a plan but with a price that she get the grimoire that they just dug up. Going red alert as everyone prepare a fighting stance, Guinevere simply bypass them and assault (kiss) Godou with magic that contain the information about the Holy Grail. Guinevere left after that leaving Godou to be harassed by Yuri and Liliana for having too many opening against enemy (female). The harassment ended when Amakasu told the group that Athena finally reappears.
As Athena was altering the landscape and it residents into stone, Godou was preparing to engage her in combat with Liliana, Yuri, and Ena's help. As soon as Godou engaged in combat with Athena, she unleashed her power to turn things into stone on the surrounding area which included the area where Liliana, Yuri, and Ena were standing nearby. With the exception of Godou and Ena, Liliana, Yuri, and any persons or things nearby were turned into stone.
(Time past, next day) Godou made/requested Athena to release her petrification stone power after he helped her with her Holy Grail problem which she did after some persuasion from Godou. When Liliana and Yuri returned to the scene (of the volume), Erica and Ena were already fighting with Guinevere’s divine beasts in which Liliana and Yuri used their power to support Erica and Ena while they do so.
(Godou scene of the battlefield) When Godou and Lancelot was about to do a last go, Erica told Lancelot that Guinevere already fled the scene. Upon hearing this Lancelot also retreated leaving Godou and Athena on their own. When Lancelot left, Godou told his female companion that he want do this alone (as in fight with Athena alone) which they agree. When they return, the battle was over with Athena gone; they then give comfort word to Godou to make him feel better. However, they were suddenly interrupted by Amakasu where he told them that the grimoire he was holding on to was stolen.

Volume 10:Edit

A week has pasts since the battle with Athena, Godou and company finally was notified by a magic note stating that the Campione Alec has “borrow” the grimoire, Heavenly Reverse Halberd, from them. Godou decided that since Guinevere wanted that grimoire, she might go after him (Alec), leaving Godou with the Lancelot issue to resolve. Erica then suggest that they ask Princess Alice more about Lancelot, which Godou agreed to it and they start planning to head toward England. Godou along with Erica, Yuri, and Liliana went and arrive in England during the weekend. They spend the night at a nearby hotel that Liliana booked. Due to Princess Alice being restricted by her assistant, Erica form a plan and they enact the plan the next day after they rest up at the hotel. The plan was to meet Princess Alice’s assistant, Miss Ericson, and trick her into releasing her magic barrier which was restricting Princess Alice from coming out using her magic. The plan sort of work as Miss Ericson reluctantly releases the barrier after their meeting. Moment later after Miss Ericson left Alice arrives magically and greets everyone, not long afterward Godou and Alice get down to business about the origin of Lancelot. Alice explains to everyone that even she doesn’t know the origin of Lancelot due to the change in its myths over the centuries making those sources unreliable. During the discussion, Alice suggests that they visit places where it might be relate to the myth of Lancelot and uses Yuri’s power along the way to gain some clue about him (Lancelot). With vehicle provided by Alice, the groups headed toward their first location suggested by Alice. Once they got there and Yuri starting to get the feel of the place with her power picking up clues about the origin of Lancelot, they got an unexpected visit by Sir Iceman. Sir Iceman bearing a message from his commander, Black Prince Alec, to Godou telling him to take a vocation and not interfere with his plan; after Godou read the letter he received a call from Amakasu back home telling him that there a strange structure suddenly appear in the Tokyo Bay. Sir Iceman then gives his honest opinion after Godou receive his report, stating that it probably his commander doing suggest to Godou’s group that they either stay and doing nothing or go back home.
Godou, Erica, and Liliana headed back to Japan while Yuri stay back in England a little longer in order to solve the mystery of Lancelot. Once Godou’s group arrives back to Japan, they were then transported along with Amakasu visa air to show them the strange structure over Tokyo Bay. Once they done checking out the structure Godou headed back home follow by Erica and Liliana. Along the way home, Godou bump into his childhood friend, Asuka, who explains to Godou that there someone at her family own restaurant expecting him; that person turn out to be Black Prince Alec. After Godou ran to the restaurant and made contact with Alec, both of them left the restaurant silently only then afterward while walking along side each other did they start verbally attacking each other while Erica and Liliana who can only watch the scene of the two [King]. Before Alec left, both of them warn each with a threat telling the other to back off.
The day Yuri came back from Europe, Erica and Liliana interrupt Godou and Yuri private moment at very last moment. Afterward, Godou receive a lecture from Liliana that somehow lead them to an off topic subject discussion with all three of the girls. Luckily, Godou was save by the phone where Liliana, Erica, and Yuri ended their discussion soon afterward and Godou headed out to meet his childhood friend to buy something for his sister birthday. That night the girls receive a report from Amakasu that Godou is missing after meeting a mysterious woman. He also reported that that woman uses some sort of hypnosis on a Godou and all the member from the History Compilation Committee that usually keep track on Godou have be found knock out. Feeling and knowing that this maybe related with Guinevere and Lancelot, the girls and the History Compilation Committee member who are present started planning out how to lift Godou’s curse.
(Next Night) Knowing where Godou is heading to and where he is at, the girls arrive just as Godou about to go to round two with Alec. Seeing Godou acting and speaking strangely when they arrive, they told Campione Alec that they will deal with their master and he can leave. Not completely upset by their action in interfering with his fight, Godou under the curse of Lancelot however still give off statement such as like him wanting to fight Lancelot very badly or he want do whatever he feel like. However Erica reminded him that he still needed information for his [Sword]; with that being say Godou being curse was very forceful with all the girls for next few minutes or moments while he gain the knowledge for his [Sword]. After Godou obtain the information for the [Sword], Erica tricked Godou into one last kiss which she made him swallow an enchanted stone that will eliminate the curse. After he came back to normal, he apology to the girls and as well as to Princess Alice who was hiding but show up when be mention her name. After he done apologizing, he decide to head where Lancelot was since he was reported by Alice that they were separated maybe due to Alec’s master plan.
Once they got to where Lancelot was, Godou and Lancelot engaged in combat while Erica, Yuri, and Liliana supported him. Campione Alec arrives on to the scene just around the time when Godou was finishing up with Lancelot; once he (Godou) was done they started having their verbal attack after Godou apologize to him. Alice report to both of them that Guinevere uses a revival spell on herself and she is at the floating rock that Alec created; both Campione and Alice immediately headed there. Erica, Yuri, and Liliana came later to meet up with Godou with everything over, there they assess their damage which was Godou forgot he uses [Boar] in destroying part of Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Short Story 3:Edit

Yuri and Liliana were chatting with Ena as she finally recovers enough come back down to the city. As they were chatting they somehow got into a discussion about Godou. The more Ena talked about him, the more Yuri and Liliana felt like they needed to punish him because he was getting along with another female so they planned to invite him over for dinner along with their chosen chef, aka Arianna, Erica’s maid.

Volume 11:Edit

Liliana made a brief appearance in the flashback story of Volume 11, while writing her novel, and then suddenly getting a call from Erica to borrow a key to a place owned by Liliana.

Short Story 4:Edit

Exam is coming up and due to supernatural interference with Godou’s life; he didn’t have time to study. So in order to prevent from getting bad grade, Godou decided to do a last minute study. Upon hearing Godou’s plan Erica, Yuri, and Liliana decided to join in as well to study together. The study session ended peacefully.

Volume 12:Edit

Being cursed (unknown to her or to us reader until told by the novel much later that she was), Liliana believe that was she sent to Japan by her magic association to monitor the Japanese Campione. Unlike her childhood friend/rival, Erica; Liliana is more proactive in monitoring Godou by using her poor skills in stalking and following Godou around. She was discovery quite quickly by Godou was told she doesn’t have to be that far to do it and he don’t mind if she do the “monitoring” right next him. While that was happening, they encounter a mysterious being that is causing abnormality to all the Santa Claus within certain area of Tokyo such as changing them to all grey color and such, and if discover, it kill itself. After several days has pass with reports of the mysterious being showing up and killing itself, Godou arrive near the bay with his own finally curse-free mind ready to engage the mysterious being that cause the curse in the first places. Believing the other are still cursed he went in alone but he was soon join in by Ena and moment later so did the rest of the girls along with Hikari. It was thank to Hikari and Erica that the girls curse is gone. While the gang is catch up, the mysterious being is changing for the worse so Godou decide to take out its power source along with Liliana while the rest deal with the mysterious being’s tree. With Liliana’s help, Godou was able to reach where the mysterious being power source was and uses [Sword] on it. With the battle over, when Godou and Liliana came back where the rest of girls was, they got tease somewhat by Erica and Ena. Later on Christmas Eve, most of Godou’s acquaintances arrive to his house for the Christmas party.

Short Story 5:Edit

The day after the Christmas Eve party, Godou got into a discussion with his female companions about his family New Year gathering and party and how he want to avoid it because he is often drag into gambling with his relatives and winning. Not believe his word for winning all the time, he prove to them by play a simple game with his female acquaintances. After several round of losing for Godou’s companion and winning it all for Godou, they wonder if this is related to being a Campione. Godou denied all this and stating there no such thing and that he do occasionally lose; that when Erica came back in from her phone where he play with her to prove he normal and indeed he loss and happily did the winner biding by going out to buy stuff for her. After he left to buy the stuff, Erica told the rest of the girls that she uses magic to winning and she occasionally lose to make Godou happy.

Volume 13:Edit

Volume 14:Edit

Volume 15:Edit

Liliana was having a discussion with Yuri and Saint Raffaello about Aisha's Authority when Paolo Blandelli and Princess Alice arrived.

Liliana, Yuri, and Alice went to the netherworld, and arriving there, the trio was then met by the person who called them and that person was John Pluto Smith. After parting with Princess Alice, they then entered Plutarch's Residence. inside, they then met Plutarch, Plutarch then asked John Pluto Smith to kill the three campione.

After traveling to the past Liliana and Yuri immediately took the wounded Godou and used flight magic. They end up in a village.


Anime and Light Novel DifferencesEdit


  • Liliana already served Sasha Dejanstahl Voban before Godou Kusanagi became a campione.
  • Liliana first used [Instruction] magic on Godou, while Godou was fighting against Perseus.

Light Novel

  • Months later after Godou Kusanagi defeated Salvatore Doni, her grandfather sent Liliana to serve Sasha Dejantshl Voban.
  • Liliana first used [Instruction] magic on Godou, before Godou arrive in Santa Lucia district to fight his final battle against Perseus.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • A magic symbol done by Liliana
  • Liliana summoning Il Maestro
  • Liliana conjuring David's Bow
  • Liliana and Il Maestro
  • Liliana casting a spell to fly
  • Liliana summoning David's Arrows
  • Cuore di Leone and Il Maestro
Liliana is a Witch of enormous potential, capable of casting a wide variety of spells, including the power of flight, a magic unique to witches, and possesses some abilities of a Miko, including Spirit Vision. Liliana is also an expert swordswoman and has been known to use her sword skills in combination with her magic.

Liliana also has a magical sword named Il Maestro, which is a sister sword to Erica's Cuore di Leone. The full range of abilities of Il Maestro have yet to be shown. What 'is' know is that its true form is that of a spear, and in this form it can create a magical music that distracts and hypnotizes enemies, making it more difficult for them to attack or defend.

When infused with the spell Song of the Bow, Il Maestro can be transformed into David's Bow, a weapon with powers similar to those displayed by Cuore di Leone when infused with the Golgatha spell.

Song of The BowEdit

Allows Liliana to transform Il Maestro into a bow that fires magic arrows that penetrate any defense.

Spell Words of Song of The Bow:

  • "Hear the sorrow of David, people! Alas, may the heroes fall! Alas, may the weapons of war be destroyed! O' mountains of Gilboa, I pray that dew and rain will not fall upon your peaks! I pray that your lands grow infertile, unable to flourish! There, the shield of the hero was cast away! The shield of Saul, unpolished with oil, was cast away over yonder! Undrinking blood of murderers, the unretreating bow of Jonathan! Unconsuming oil of the brave soul, returning the sword of Saul in vain! Alas, the heroes, fallen in the midst of battle! O' bow of Jonathan, with eagle's swiftness and lion's strength, a hero's weapon. Go forth in assault, upon my fleeing enemies!"

Sacred Privilege of ExterminationEdit

The ultimate secret rite of European magic and a power that rivals Seishuuin Ena's divine possession.

Spell Words of Smiting:

  • "And they warred against the Midianites, as the Lord commanded Moses; and they slew all the males! And they slew the kings of Midian, beside the rest of them that were slain; namely, Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur, and Reba, five kings of Midian! And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian captives, and their little ones, and took the spoil of all their cattle, and all their flocks, and all their goods. And they burnt all their cities wherein they dwelt, and all their goodly castles, with fire! And they took all the spoil, and all the prey, both of men and of beasts. And they brought the captives, and the prey, and the spoil, unto Moses."


Volume 4, Chapter 4, Part 2:

"Ku, Kusanagi Godou..... It's fine if you don't mind the perception of others, you're already a famous advocate of lechery. It's well within reason to have one or two ha...harems under your management... Yes, you will then bathe in a bath filled with champagne and indulge in debauchery together with your lovers, no doubt about it! And then one day, you will gather every beautiful woman in the world, creating the biggest harem history has ever recorded! - Ku, what depravity!"


  • Liliana was the fourth woman (and the last among his ladies) to be seen in the nude by Godou in the Light Novels.
  • Liliana started wearing her hair in a pony tail as a homage to Saint Raffaello.
  • Liliana's potential as a witch is so great, it is believed she could become one of the greatest Witches alive.
  • According to the dream potion Godou took, Liliana remained more or less the same in the near future.

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