Yuri MariyaEdit

The two are old acquaintances, both being among the few survivors of Voban's attempt to summon a Heretic God. They seem to be really close to one another.

Godou KusanagiEdit

At first, Liliana saw Godou as nothing more than another Campione. However, after the battle with the Campione Voban, Liliana pledged herself to being Godou's knight and first advisor, and has attempted to do honor to that position. However, as time has passed, Liliana has found herself falling in love with Godou, a feeling that Godou seems to be reciprocating. In volume 18 chapter 10, it is revealed that they both aware with their feelings each other, but under pretext of lord and knight, although they are dating like a lover. By the end of series their relationship get so intimate that they have sex after godou back to home (his universe).

Erica BlandelliEdit

Liliana and Erica are old friends and rivals from two different orders of knighthood, the Bronze-Black Cross and the Copper-Black Cross, and they are the only members who can stand toe to toe with each other in skill. However, they are otherwise complete opposites. Liliana is a Witch who is very conscious of duty and formalities, while Erica is a Hermetic mage who is much more relaxed about them, though both have a very strong sense of honor. The relationship between these two get closer since become godou's woman, they more often work together to support Their king and man Kusanagi Godou. By the end of series they work together in shanghai making assosiasion under Godou command and join force with assosiasion under queen of material art.


Just as she see's most humans, Athena viewed Liliana as a lower existence. Upon the discovery of Liliana's sixth sense however, she considered Liliana a threat to her plans for Godou.

Karen JankulovskiEdit

Karen is Liliana's maid, as well as her apprentice in witchcraft.  Karen likes to team up with Erica to poke fun at Liliana, by providing Erica with information that Liliana would find embarrassing.