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A Day in the Life of a LordA Hero ArrivesAmakasu Touma
Amakasu Touma/Image GalleryAmakasu Touma/RelationshipsAme no Murakumo no Tsurugi
Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi/Image GalleryAnimeArianna Hayama Arialdi
Arianna Hayama Arialdi/Image GalleryArianna Hayama Arialdi/RelationshipsArtio
Artio/Image GalleryArtio/RelationshipsAthena
Athena/Image GalleryAthena/RelationshipsAuthorities
Black Prince AlecBlack Prince Alec/Image GalleryBlack Prince Alec/Relationships
Book in Praise of David's WorksBronze-Black CrossCampione
Campione! WikiCampione and Study MeetingCirce
Circe/Image GalleryCirce/RelationshipsCopper-Black Cross
Cuore di LeoneCuore di Leone/Image GalleryDaoist Arts
Devil King Civil WarDivine AncestorDivine Beast
Divine Sword of SalvationDragon BonesEna Seishuuin
Ena Seishuuin/Image GalleryEna Seishuuin/RelationshipsErica Blandelli
Erica Blandelli/Image GalleryErica Blandelli/RelationshipsErlang
Erlang/Image GalleryFrom Afar, An Enemy ComesGenaro Gantz
Genaro Gantz/RelationshipsGodou KusanagiGodou Kusanagi/Image Gallery
Godou Kusanagi/RelationshipsGods/GoddessesGolgatha
Guinevere/Image GalleryGuinevere/RelationshipsHanuman
HeraneionHeretic GodHikari Mariya
Hikari Mariya/Image GalleryHikari Mariya/RelationshipsHime-Miko
History Compilation CommitteeHoly GrailHome
Ichirou KusanagiIchirou Kusanagi/RelationshipsIl Maestro
Il Maestro/Image GalleryJohn Pluto SmithJohn Pluto Smith/Image Gallery
John Pluto Smith/RelationshipsJounan AcademyJounan Academy Students
Karen JankulovskiKaren Jankulovski/Image GalleryKaren Jankulovski/Relationships
Keeper of the HorsesKulikaa SwordLancelot du Lac
Lancelot du Lac/Image GalleryLancelot du Lac/RelationshipsLeviathan
Leviathan/Image GalleryLight NovelLight Novel Volume 1
Light Novel Volume 10Light Novel Volume 11Light Novel Volume 12
Light Novel Volume 13Light Novel Volume 14Light Novel Volume 15
Light Novel Volume 2Light Novel Volume 3Light Novel Volume 4
Light Novel Volume 5Light Novel Volume 6Light Novel Volume 7
Light Novel Volume 8Light Novel Volume 9Liliana Kranjcar
Liliana Kranjcar/Image GalleryLiliana Kranjcar/RelationshipsLord Salvatore Doni
Lord Salvatore Doni/Image GalleryLord Salvatore Doni/RelationshipsLu Yinghua
Lu Yinghua/Image GalleryLu Yinghua/RelationshipsLucretia Zola
Lucretia Zola/Image GalleryLucretia Zola/RelationshipsLuo Hao
Luo Hao/Image GalleryLuo Hao/RelationshipsMadame Aisha
Madame Aisha/Image GalleryMadame Aisha/RelationshipsMage Association
MagicMelqartMelqart/Image Gallery
MetisMetis/Image GalleryMetis/Relationships
NetherworldOther CharactersOther Characters/Image Gallery
PandoraPandora/Image GalleryPandora/Relationships
Paolo BlandelliPaolo Blandelli/Image GalleryPaolo Blandelli/Relationships
PerseusPerseus/Image GalleryPerseus/Relationships
Plutarch's ResidencePrincess AlicePrincess Alice/Image Gallery
Princess Alice/RelationshipsPrincess Shrine Maiden of the Long SwordPrometheus' Grimoire
RamaRama/Image GalleryRama/Relationships
Rogue AthenaRoyal ArsenalSaint Raffaello
Saint Raffaello/Image GallerySasha Dejanstahl VobanSasha Dejanstahl Voban/Image Gallery
Sasha Dejanstahl Voban/RelationshipsSayanomiya KaoruSayanomiya Kaoru/Image Gallery
Sayanomiya Kaoru/RelationshipsShizuka KusanagiShizuka Kusanagi/Image Gallery
Shizuka Kusanagi/RelationshipsSong of the BowSun Wukong
Sun Wukong/Image GallerySun Wukong/RelationshipsSusanoo
Susanoo/Image GallerySusanoo/RelationshipsTale of the God-Slayer
The Imprisoned CampioneThe King's Dinner PartyThe King's Game
The Kings ConversesThe Missing KingThe Rumored Campione
The Saga BeginsThe Sword of Ama no MurakumoThe Turbulent Demon King, The Sun Hero
UldinUldin/Image GalleryUldin/Relationships
Unpleasant DaysVaisravanaVaisravana/Image Gallery
VerethragnaVerethragna/Image GalleryVerethragna/Relationships
Wind, Rain, WolfWitchWitenagemot
Yuri MariyaYuri Mariya/Image GalleryYuri Mariya/Relationships
ZanryuutoZhu GanglieZhu Ganglie/Image Gallery

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