Mage Associations are a type of magic-related organization in the world of Campione!.


Mage Associations are secret organizations, generally comprised of spellcasters and priests/priestesses, that govern those associated with magic in their claimed area.  Many are run by the State or like a company that has influence on the State. Not all magic-users join an Association within their country or area, however they can still associate with an Association of their choosing.

All Mage Association seek the patronage of the Campiones.

Known Mage Associations & Their HQEdit

  • Greenwich Assembly (Somewhere in Europe)
  • Witenagemot (London, United Kingdom)
  • Royal Arsenal (Saint Ives, United Kingdom)
  • History Compilation Committee (Somewhere in Japan)
  • Sorcerous Sacrilege Investigation (Somewhere in the U.S.A.)
  • Holy Cult of the Five Mountains (Somewhere in China)
  • Nine Heavens Syndicate (Somewhere in Asia)
  • Panormos (Sicily, Italy)

Seven SistersEdit

In Italy, there are a total of seven prestigious mage associations:

  • Female Wolf (Rome, Italy)
  • Eagle of the Blue Sky (Rome, Italy)
  • Olden Dame (Turin, Italy)
  • Capital of Lilies (Florence, Italy)
  • Aegis (Palermo, Italy)
  • Copper-Black Cross (Milan, Italy)
  • Bronze-Black Cross (Milan, Italy)


  • The Witengamot is not so much an organization of spellcasters, but more of an organization that has spellcasters in it.
  • Godou's ladies are trying to convince him to start a Mage Association of his own.

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