Romaji Metis
Age Millennia Old
Gender Female
Ethnicity Greek
Hair Color White
Eye Color Wine
Other Names The Other Athena
Equipment Jet Black Scythe
Personal Status
Relatives Zeus (Old Husband)

Athena (Daughter)

Affiliations Greco-Roman Gods
Rank God (Titans)
Voice Actor

Metis is a Heretic God in the series Campione.


After Athena's defeat at the hands of Godou, the Gorgoneion fell into a well. From it came Athena's Snake, which assumed the form of Metis.


Without the full extent of her powers, Metis greatly resembles Athena, but with different colored cloths. She looks like a girl in her early teens with grey-white hair and purple eyes, dressed in a school uniform with a knit cap on her head.

After absorbing Athena, she assumes a form very similar to the transformed Athena, seemingly aging to her early twenties, and her clothing transforms into a Grecian toga, wearing a crown of flowers on her head, and wielding a scythe (although the colors of her cloths and eyes differ).


While most Heretic Gods appear arrogant, and dismissive of human life, Metis appeared to go beyond that, and seemed actually psychotic.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Metis is a Snake (Mother Earth Goddess) who swallows Steel, allowing her to steal the power of Steel gods. For example, she was able to wield Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi after stealing it.

It is suggested that she wields all the powers of her daughter Athena, or possibly the other way around.


  • Metis is the first, and only, Heretic God that has appeared in the anime without appearing in the Light Novels.

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