Kana パンドラ
Romaji Pandora
Age Millennium
Gender Female
Ethnicity Greek
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Relatives Epimetheus (Husband)

Prometheus (Brother-In-Law)
Uldin (Adopted Son) (Deceased)
Sasha Dejanstahl Voban (Adopted Son)
Luo Hao (Adopted Daughter)
Madame Aisha (Adopted Daughter)
Black Prince Alec (Adopted Son)
John Pluto Smith (Adopted Daughter)
Lord Salvatore Doni (Adopted Son)
Godou Kusanagi (Adopted Son)

Rank Demigod
Voice Actor

Pandora is a Demigod in the series Campione. She is the woman who knows everything.


Appears to be a woman with a very bubbly personality.  Also seems to be interested in fair play, as she will not allow Campiones who strike down Heretic Gods who have been weakened by others to gain any Authorities from it.


Pandora appears as a slender young woman in her mid teens with violet hair and pointed ears.


Pandora is the legendary woman who was given a magical box which contained all the evils in the world, as well as the hope, and opened it out of curiosity. She was married to the Titan Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus. All Campione are said to be the adopted children of herself, and the bastard children of her husband.

She appears early in the second episode, telling Godou that, because he sacrificed his life to kill Verethragna, he will be reborn as a Campione. Statements by Susanoo in Volume 5 indicate that this conversation occurred in the Netherworld, though Godou doesn't remember it at present.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 3-4

Mention: Volume 5, 12

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The full range of Pandora's abilities have yet to be shown. However, it has been revealed she has the power to allow or deny a Campione the ability to gain Authorities from the Heretic Gods they slay.  According to Circe, this Authority is apparently called Circle of Usurpation

Also, she can draw people into the Netherworld when they first become Campione, sealing their memories of this conversation.


  • Pandora is a 'true' goddess, not a Heretic God.
    • At least she claims to be.

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