Age Ancient
Gender Male
Ethnicity Indian
Hair Color Deathly white
Eye Color Blue
Other Names Rāmachandra
King of the End
King Who Manifests At the World's End
Strongest of Steel
The Devil King-Exterminating Hero
Artos (Proxy)
Crown Prince
Equipment Divine Sword of Salvation
Personal Status
Relatives King Arthur Pendragon (derived from the King's myths)
Sita (wife)
Lakshmanan (Brother)
Affiliations Gods of Steel
Rank Heretic God
Voice Actor

Rama (aka: The King Who Manifests at the World's End) is a Heretic God in Campione!


More commonly known by his title, the King Who Manifests at the World's End, Rama is an unseen figure who, while never taking part in the modern era, at least until recently, has had an effect on the world of Campione!


From the references made by those associated with him, the King of the End seems to have started off, as did most other Heretic Gods, longing for battle. Over time, however, he grew tired of fighting to the point of going to sleep for over a thousand years.  Comments later in the series seem to indicate that he himself wishes to remain asleep.

Even when summoned, for some reason, the King of the End chooses to hide his true identity, preventing his name from being heard by others.

The King of the End seems much calmer and personable than most Heretic Gods, even in the midst of battle. He finds his nature, being forced to fight those he has no quarrel with or doesn't hate, to be a horrible curse. He suspects that this is because his myth specifically mentions how he assumed human form, so he is less affected by the Heretic God's curse of madness.


The King of the End has been revealed to have long, deathly white hair, a handsome face, wearing a blue tunic, pants, and a white cape.


During the Bronze Age, a Campione known as the God Slayer With Ten Lives ruled over the land. To stop him, local priests summoned a Heretic God to fight and slay him; Rama. Rama and the Devil King With Ten Lives fought for quite some time. Eventually, Sita, Rama's wife and an Earth Mother Goddess, was summoned as a sacrifice in order to empower Rama. She was captured by the Devil King, who decided to keep her as a prisoner instead of killing her. Eventually, the two fought in a great battle, and Rama's brother, Laksmana, also a Heretic God, secretly fired an arrow that destroyed the Devil King's home, killing the goddess, and infusing her power into Rama. This awoke the full power of Rama, and the battle destroyed both their forces. Once again the two fought, but this time, Rama on a Vimana, the Campione in the form of a dragon. This time, they slew each other, as Sita had turned some of her power against Rama. But Rama eventually recovered, and set out to slay the other Campione of the era.

Eventually, he gathered together other Heretic Gods who followed his banner. Among them were the monkey god Hanuman, who was one of his allies in their myths, one of the queens of the Amazons, a Goddess of Steel, who eventually took upon herself the identity of Lancelot, his brother, Laksmana, and the Earth Goddess Gweynhefar who eventually became the Divine Ancestor Guinevere. When the King of the End was summoned, he would always manifest extremely weakened, with most of his power drained, and would be forced to go on a quest to regain it. To aide him, the Earth Goddess created the Holy Grail, so that it would feed the King, granting him power from the beginning.

At some point, after countless battles, the King of the End tired, and went into a deep sleep in a hidden location. A sleep which has lasted for centuries.

An attempt by Guinevere to find and revive the King of the End caused the legends of King Arthur to begin, eventually giving rise to Arthur as a separate Heretic God when she was slain before she could finish the process of awakening him.

For most of the series, Rama went by the title of "King Who Manifests at the World's End", usually shortened to King of the End.


Light Novel (Spoilers)Edit

Volume 15:Edit


the King of the End manifested to fight Godou Aisha and Doni

In response to the intrusion of the 21st century godslayers into 5th century Gaul, the King of the End gets awoken by Artio 52 years too early, beginning his quest to vanquish all Devil Kings and initiating an early end to the era. Artio mentioned his name after summoning him but he prevented it from being heard by a rumble of thunder. Artio gave her son's name to the King of the End and called him Artos and then asked her wish on Artos, to exterminate all the godslayers in that era. Following an intense battle with the godslayers in which Kusanagi Godou managed to seize victory from him, the King of the End was forced back into sword form and his ally, the unknown wind god, retreated upon seeing that. The King of the End made a final appearance at the end of the novel before retreating to heal injuries while silently awaiting the time of resurrection.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The King of the End is an immensely powerful God of Steel known by such titles as the "the strongest steel." Although most of his abilities can only be used when he has absorbed enough essence of the earth, when he does has the following authorities and skills.


Man of Steel: Grants incredible resistance to physical attacks more than capable of withstanding attacks with all the power of the goddess Lancelot, explosions (like his own sword), or the blows of Campione Luo Hao.

Arrowhead Album: Authority stored within arrowhead shaped medallions, which allows him to capture the essence of his fallen relatives, ie other "Gods of Steel" and resurrect them later as 'weapons' in battle to replace swords and arrows as the nature of "gods of steel" was originally that of sword gods.

Absorption of the vital energy of the earth: With this authority he can absorb vast amounts of magical power from the earth in order to strengthen himself. However, in return the land he has consumed is left a desert wasteland, the massive rise in temperature in the area causing an acceleration of global warming.

"The great ritual of the Old Covenant". His most powerful authority. The King of the End is able to invoke a pact similar to that used by Sun Wukong during his battle against Kusanagi Godou in order to gain amazing power. The condition for Sun Wukong seemed to be facing multiple godslayers and praying to the star of the sword god of fate that kills Râkshasas, described as an imitation of the King of End. The condition for Rama is said to be the death of a deity whose name is related to the covenant under the influence of a demon king, allowing him to exercise this power as the executor of the old covenant. with this enabled authority, his power is multiplied is to match the combined power of all currently live Campione.


Mind's Eye: With this skill his senses are increased to the maximum level allowing to predict the movements of their opponents, track beings with divine speed, predict their attacks and block them. It also allows him to detect hidden enemies or its approximate location, apparently is this ability that used to locate Campione around the world.

Control of spirits: With this ability the spirits present in nature will serve him, performing such tasks as decreasing the force of a fall or strengthening his powers.

Armed combatant expert: Rama proficient with all the divine weapons he is possesses, able to handle them with a supreme level of skill rendering him nigh unbeatable even when facing large numbers of opponents.


He wields the sword of divine salvation as his main weapon, which has the following powers:

• Create a white star resembles a mini-sun that can launch deadly projectiles that seem to have a light nature. The destructive power of these missiles resembles the impact of small meteors.

The same white star or can be used in a similar manner to Godou's sun based White Stallion authority though with far greater power. Its limits are unknown however it has proven able to easily destroy mountains and level large tracts of land the size of a city.

• Has the ability to poison Devil Kings that manage survive being hit by its missiles and prevents them from using their immense magical power. Thus blocking their ability to use authorities for some time.

• Divine lightning of salvation: This powerful ray that is generated from the blows of his sword or in the form of rays falling steadily from heaven, these rays also possess the ability to poison Devil Kings, A Campione without a steel body authority will not be able to withstand two consecutive blows of this ray and dodging this Authority requires a divine speed authority.

• As a side effect of this power each stroke of his sword radiates massive heat waves that devastate vegetation, wildlife and any structures within five kilometers.

Its true form is the Divine Sword Mandala, which allows him to call every single weapon from his arsenal, which according to his myth are gifts from various gods of the Chinese, Hindu, Persian, and Buddhist mythologies. It is unknown if he has also received weapons from other mythologies.

Among which are the following:

Arrow of Lord Shiva: this divine arrow is capable of generating powerful blasts of energy that destroy everything in its path, Godou estimates that it has the power to destroy a city like Tokyo in one fell swoop. According to myth this arrow is able to kill a Demon King in one strike.

Arrow of Indra: This arrow has the power of lightning and can devastate areas the size of a city or destroy a mountain.

Arrow of Mithra: This arrow has the ability to restrict the authorities of the god Mithra or his subordinates.

Hou Yi bow (false): A copy of the bow used by a legendary Chinese hero who shot down nine suns, the first black arrows bow with enough destructive power to destroy a mountain range and even an entire prefecture of Japan. Its power is so great that the monkey god Sun Wukong prefer to escape being caught in the explosion.

Hou Yi bow (true): The true Chinese hero bow, this bow and arrows have the power to override the authorities based on the sun. In addition Rama used this bow to shoot his other arrows.

Divine sword also represents the immortality of the King of the End and allows him to resurrect countless times on the earth, as long as divine sword remains. He can also disassemble his body to recover from fatigue and damage from battle. During this time his body is assimilated with the ground to absorb its essence for long periods of time while his spirit remains existent in the marking of the earth sword. However, several conditions must be met for the hero to manifest such power such as the existence of multiple godslayers on the ground indicating the end of time and it requires a great deal of the essence of the earth to preform the ritual.


Vimana: Vehicle that resembles the mythological flying cars, this carriage allows him to fly, move at divine speed and travel in outer space (the maximum distance he can cover in space is unknown).

Pushpaka Vimana: The most powerful manifestation of Vimana, which calls for a vimana the size of a small town, which has a powerful weapon that throws lightning. This magnificent carriage was a gift of the Hindu god of treasures.


  • It has been stated by Susanoo that the "King Who Manifests at the World's End" has a "lazybones" nature.
  • The location where the King of the End is sealed appears to be in orbit around the Earth.
  • The King of the End seems drawn to locations where several powerful beings are causing problems, and slays or drives them away to restore peace.
    • Whether the peace is the intention, or he's simply drawn to large gatherings of powerful enemies for him to face is unknown.
  • The King of the End gets his title from the fact he shows up at the end of eras.
    • It is unknown if the era ends 'because' of his appearance, or if he's summoned by the era's end.
  • Once in battle with a Campione, the King of the End is unable to withdraw.
  • The goddess Circe has stated that the King of the End is connected to the lineage of the Argo.
  • The goddess Artio mentioned that by absorbing the life of a goddess, the King of the End can elevate himself as a sword god to become the strongest blade. How strong he becomes is currently unknown.
  • In an oracle about the King of the End, Ruska said "That war god will further increase in power in his journey of incessant wandering. A hero who persists in the journey of Devil King extermination"
  • It is unknown how the King's ability to make other gods of Steel subservient to him effects their power levels.
    • Though comments indicate that they may have become subordinate gods to the King of the End.

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