Campione using wok v10
The Royal Arsenal is a Mage Association in Campione!


The Royal Arsenal recruited all sorts of talent and its ranks not only included powerful magi but also:

  • Occultists who focus purely on research
  • Commoners who sought revenge against sorcerers for deaths of relatives
  • Street hoodlums
  • Con artists
  • Unrepentant thieves

As long as they knew the existence of gods, even ordinary commoners were included.

These were people who hoped to follow Alec and oppose the elite magic associations led by the Witenagemot. Perhaps this was the only point of commonality between the members of Royal Arsenal.

This was why their levels of competency and expertise were extremely varied. [Volume 8, Ch 4]


  • Black Prince (Leader)
  • Sir Iceman (Member)
  • Cecilia Cheung (Member)

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