Saint Raffaello
Kinghts master
Age Over 60
Gender Female
Ethnicity Italian
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Equipment Cuore di Leone (Former)

Il Maestro (Former)
Book in Praise of David's Great Works (former guardian)

Personal Status
Relatives Lord Salvatore Doni (Apprentice)
Affiliations Capital of Lilies
Rank Paladin (Retired)
Voice Actor

Saint Raffaello is a character from Campione!


Saint Rafaello is a very attractive woman with dark skin and long dark hair.  Despite being of an advanced age, Saint Raffaello retains her awe-inspiring and heroic beauty due to her magical power. Her long, black hair is usually kept in a pony tail.


Saint Raffaello is a wise and dedicated knight, who takes honor and swordsmanship very seriously, though she dislikes troublesome things and has been known to pass them off to other people.


Saint Raffaello is the master of the current [Old Dame] and, for a short time period, was also the teacher of Salvatore Doni; she is also the culprit who has offered advice to the newly born Campione, Doni, that later caused a direct and indirect hardship and suffering to countless people as a result of his eccentric behavior.

Her real name is unknown as she is only referred to by her title.


Light NovelEdit

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapter.

Chapter 3: (This chapter is short story that takes place 4 years before the main story of Campione!) Saint Raffaello first appeared riding a horse when she came to check who caused a racket, only to find her so called unworthy disciple, Salvatore Doni, doing something stupid. The two young ladies that followed Salvatore Doni immediately introduced themselves to her as Erica Blandelli and Liliana Kranjcar. They try to asses the situation by asking Saint Raffaello a question but they got interrupted by Salvatore Doni with the missing memory who wanted to fight Saint Raffaello. As they fought, Saint Raffaello discovered that Salvatore Doni became a Campione after he disappeared almost a year ago. Discovering that Doni has forgotten how he even became a campione she decides find her answer through actual combat. Doni decides not to use the silver arm since he wants a battle of swords skills, but when he reveals it to disrupt her concentration Saint Raffaello attacks more aggressively until she finally hit Doni in the temple. After being struck in the temple, Doni’s memory starts to return (and it was reveal by the novel in a short summary how Doni became a Campione). It only lasted for a few seconds before Doni recovered from the hit and gained back his memory, which his master notices right away. After a final strike, Saint Raffaello won by taking out Doni’s fake sword. After the fight, Saint Raffaello gave advice to Salvatore Doni that later caused direct and indirect hardship and suffering to countless others as a result to his eccentric behavior. Two hours later, the two young ladies came back to the surface that they fell in from the fight that was caused by the master and disciple. They greeted the newly born Campione and Saint Raffaello with courtesy. They soon have their own little discussion with Saint Raffaello before they left. Before Doni left the scene, his master entrusted him to safeguard the grimoire “The Book in Praise of David's Great Works” because she didn’t want to anymore, but she also wanted him to find someone he trusted to safeguard it for him because she didn’t trust him.

Volume 14Edit


Volume 9

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Considered to be the strongest swordsman/woman in Europe, Saint Raffaello is a master of knightly techniques which combine magic and swordsmanship.  She was also the former guardian of a grimoire known as Book in Praise of David's Works, which has spells that allow humans the power to slay Heretic Gods, and Angels.  This is the book from which Erica and Liliana learned the Spell Words of David.  She has learned many spells from this grimoire, including the spellwords of Smiting, the Sacred Privilage of Extermination.

In recognition of her skill, two swords were forged for her instead of one (the standard for most knights). These swords were named Cuore di Leone and Il Maestro.

Cuore di Leone is an almost unbreakable sword, but even if it is damaged, it will repair itself immediately.

Il Maestro has the ability to play magical melodies which cause listening opponents to lose concentration and be overcome with sleepiness.

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