Shizuka Kusanagi
Shizuka Kusanagi
Kana 草薙 静花
Romaji Kusanagi Shizuka
Age 14
Gender Female
Ethnicity Japanese
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Relatives Godou Kusanagi (Older Brother)
Ichirou Kusanagi (Grandfather)
Chiyo Kusanagi (Grandmother) (Deceased)
Mayo Kusanagi (Mother)
Genzou Nanzenji (Father)
Sakura Kouzuki (Cousin)
Affiliations Jounan Academy (Middle-School Division Student)
Rank Student
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Rina Hanaka
English Voice Luci Christian

Shizuka Kusanagi is the younger sister of Godou Kusanagi.


Shizuka has brown hair, usually done up by pink hairbands, and she has green eyes.


Shizuka appears very strong willed, and always thinks Godou is up to something, no matter how much he tries to deny it. She is always willing to call Godou on something when she thinks he has done wrong, and fears that Godou has inherited their grandfather Ichirou's ladykiller ways. 


Little is known about Shizuka's past, except that she is Godou's younger sister, and the pair was mostly raised by their grandfather Ichirou, as both their parents were very active and busy people. Their parents have divorced but when is not stated. 


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 1-3, 5, 8, 10-12, Short Story 1

Mention: Volume 4, 6, Short Story 2