Tale of the God-Slayer
13 - Tale of the God-Slayer
Season 2 Episode 13
Kana 神殺しの物語
English Title Tale of the God-Slayer
Air Date September 28, 2012
Chapter(s) 13
The Sword of Ama no Murakumo TBA →

Tale of the God-Slayer (神殺しの物語) is the thirteenth episode of the Campione! anime series, released on September 28, 2012.


Godou points out that black Athena is Metis, the one that Susanoo had warned about. Metis swallows Ena's katana and transforms it into a scythe. Yuri explains about Susanoo and Perseus's weapons that can slay being associated with snakes. If Metis swallows Athena, the world will end. Erica states that they will protect Godou. Amakusa arrives with his car and urges Godou to get in. Godou takes Athena with him and asks Yuri to go. Yuri declines.

Amakasu informs Godou that they will head to Mt. Fuji and senses Athena had lost her powers and memories. Using Godou's magic within her body, Erica manages to push back Metis. While Liliana fights alongside Erica, Ena and Yuri binds Metis with their powers. Erica and Liliana immediately combines their power and unleash on Metis. At the summit of Mt. Fuji, Godou feels his power returning to him. Finished with her battle, Metis crashes towards Godou's location. Godou prepares to protect Athena, and he asks Metis to go back inside Athena. Godou switches between his Avatar power as he fends off Metis. Metis wounds both Godou and then Athena with her scythe. Athena grabs Metis's scythe. Godou summons his steed to crash upon Metis.

However, Metis emerges unscathed, and she picks up Athena and begins absorbing her though a kiss. Metis transforms into her true form. One by one, each of Godou's love interests kiss Godou to transfer their magic inside him. With Ena taking back her katana, Godou uses his Words of Power imbued with Liliana's power to penetrate Metis's barrier. Lastly, Erica kisses Godou. Godou couldn't finish off Metis with his Boar avatar. Godou rushes into protect Athena from Metis. Athena awakens and kisses Godou which enhances his powers once more. Godou combines his swords into a giant, golden scythe. The two defeat Metis together. Metis reminds Athena that she is the queen of darkness.

As a result, the world returns to normal. Erica and the rest of girls tend to Godou who had collapsed. Later on, Shizuka yells out of frustration as Erica and her friends cling to Godou during lunch.

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