The Missing King
9 - The Missing King
Season 1 Epsode 9
Kana 行方不明の王様たち
English Title The Missing King
Air Date August 31, 2012
Chapter(s) 9
A Hero Arrives The Turbulent Demon King, The Sun Hero

The Missing King (行方不明の王様たち) is the ninth episode of the Campione! anime series, released on August 31, 2012.


Liliana defends Godou who is injured from Perseus's arrow. Athena intervenes and claims Godou is her prey. Perseus withdraws from battle via his Pegasus. Before Athena departs, she tells Liliana to give Godou her message. In Godou's dream, he speaks with Pandora. Before Godou wakes up, Pandora gives him advice and cheers him on. In Napoli, Liliana cries over Godou who worries her. Godou tells her he has lost himself. Then, Karen arrives with gossip that causes Liliana to think Godou is a man who plays with women. Liliana strips her clothes off out of misunderstandings.

Meanwhile, Erica's group is coping with the loss of workable technology. Later on, Godou finds a diary which turns out to be Liliana's novel. Embarrassed, Liliana threatens to kill Godou. Then, Athena arrives. Godou asks Athena how Perseus negate his powers. In exchange in answering his question, Athena asks Godou for a favor. Liliana intervenes and declines to comply with Athena. Later that night, Liliana and Godou research on Perseus. Though, Liliana cannot focus when her mind drifts into her novel.

Later that night, Liliana meets with Athena by the beach. Liliana gets a divination from Athena's Word of Powers. Athena proceeds to strip Liliana. Godou arrives to accept Athena's deal. Athena gives another hint to Godou which suggests Perseus isn't a Greek God. Godou collapses. Meanwhile, Salvatore ties up Yuri after finishing up his preparations while Erica and the gals watch. Perseus fires an arrow, delivering a message for their next match.

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