Gender Male
Ethnicity Hun
Other Names Tyr's Sword
Equipment Bow and Arrow

Arrow of Rudra
Sword of Tyr
Dragon Taming

Personal Status
Relatives Pandora (Adoptive Mother)

Ruska (1st wife)
Unnamed 2nd wife
Unnamed 3rd wife
Clotilde (4th wife)

Affiliations Huns
Rank Campione
Voice Actor
Uldin is a Campione of ancient times, who bears a strong resemblance to Godou, the 7th godslayer of the modern era.


Uldin appears to share many aspects in common with Godou; an innate charm that draws women in, and a dislike for unnecessary conflict.  However, he also has the arrogance common to Campione, a drive to succeed, and the belief that he can take what he wants with his power.


Uldin lent his name to a primary chieftain of the Huns who ruled from 390 CE over the western wing of the Hunnic state. The Huns split into three groups after his death in 412.  It is unknown if the Uldin who died was the Campione, or the one bearing his name.


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 14:Edit

Uldin was seen trying to attack Augusta Rurica but Godou intervenes and used his [White Stallion] Authority to attack Uldin.

Volume 15:Edit

Uldin only appears once in this volume.  Helping direct Godou to where Doni has set up his base of operations.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a Campione, Uldin has the powers common to them; resistance to external magics of less than divine power, a supernatural battle sense that increases his tactical abilities and awareness by an extreme margin, the ability to manipulate luck by sheer force of will, and several hundred times the magical power, aka ki/chi/qi, of even expert mages, Miko, or witches, as well as a group of divine Authorities unique to each Campione. As a historic Campione, Uldin is possessing theme is Conquest. This is different from Voban's Hunt in that Uldin is a social ruler and willing to spare death.

Uldin has three Authorities, namely:

Dragon Taming - The first revealed Authority. He obtained this from the Mesopotamian dragon god Usumgallu, a beast born as one of the familiars of the goddess of the ocean and earth, Tiamat. It allows him to summon dinosaur based divine beasts, in this case Deinonychus', by throwing teeth and claws from fallen dragons onto the ground, and freely choose what size they are summoned as. These beasts can shoot lightning and even change their arms into wings to give them the appearance of Pterosaurs. They can also merge together to increase their power and become a large red dragon roughly the size of Godou's boar. However, he and those of his time mistake them for being dragons. They apparently perish after one or two years, so he has to constantly replace them. They also, at times, go berserk without Uldin to control them.


  • "O mother, creator of all life and existence. Now I once again grant sharp teeth to these dragons, conferring merciless poison! O dragon! Clad in a crown of fire and fear, turn into a god!"

Rudra's Arrows - allows him to release arrows carrying different traits such as wind, water, lightning, and the arrow of gold that carries the power of the sun when released. It can take on the appearance of a sword of fire and light, capable of countering Godou's White Stallion Authority. Obtained from the Rigvedic deity Rudra, who, while associated with the wind, storm, and hunt, is also taken as a synonym of the Hindu god Shiva, who is often depicted with three eyes that symbolize the Sun, Moon, and Fire. He apparently needs to fire or simply throw arrows to release its power.


  • "O arrow of Rudra, grant unto me the radiance of the sun's halo!"
  • "O fire of Rudra, incinerate this land to ashes!"
  • "Pray, people. Such that you may escape Rudra's arrows. I pray to the god from yonder distant lands who shoots to kill, please grant your mercy. By this arrow, all life shall be extinguished! Fathers, mothers, old people and babies. All shall kneel at the god of slaughter!"

Tyr's Sword - his final authority obtained from Tyr, the Norse god of victory. He is able to summon a sword, and then unleash several glowing runes which symbolize Tyr. These runes revive all of Uldin's forces (usually the divine beasts summoned by Dragon Taming) making them more powerful.


  • "Come to my side, the sword of victory! So long as you exist in this very hand, I shall obtain victory in any and every battlefield! So long as you exist in this very hand, my army is rendered immortal and invincible! O Tyr's Sword, grant to my army immortality and victory!"


  • Uldin is a polygamist with four wives.
    • Uldin also has well over a dozen lovers who are sometimes referred to, though do not rank as 'wives.'
    • He prefers strong-willed women.
    • At least two of his wives are equivalent to knights of the Paladin rank in combat power.
    • His wives and lovers include women of various different ethnicities.
  • Uldin is the earliest Campione named.

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