Witenagemot is a Mage Association in Campione!


The Witenagemot was formed by people deeply involved with magic: Mages, Occultists, Fairy Doctors, and others. Also those who were short of being experts:

  • Ordinary Scholars
  • Marketplace Researchers
  • Catholic Priests
  • Protestant Preachers
  • Monks
  • Shinto Priests
  • Artists
  • Capitalists
  • Nobles
  • Royalty
  • Imperial Families

Unlike other Mage Associations, the Witengemot is more of a research organization with a few wizards as members. Witenagemot was created during the nineteenth century during England's Victorian era. 


"The Witenagemot of Greenwich is not a magic association. An extreme description would be something like a mutual aid society" (Quote: Liliana [Vol 10, ch 2])



  • The background of the Royal Arsenal, and some of its members, suggests that some members of Witenagemot see themselves as being above normal humans (in the same manner as a nobleman would look down on commoners).
    • The desire of some members for revenge, also seems to indicate that these members have abused their power, hurting other people in the process.