Godou KusanagiEdit

At first Yuri thought Godou was a fearsome person from her previous interactions with a Campione, but still attempted to convince him to be more modest in his actions with Erica. However, as time passed and the two interacted, she discovered most of the actions were on the part of Erica, and began to fall in love with Godou, though she is not yet willing to admit it, possibly even to herself. In volume 5 Yuri has admitted that she has feeling for him and in volume 7 she swore allegiance for life to Kusanagi Godou until one of them dies. By the end of series their relationship get so intimate that they have sex after godou back to home (his universe).

Erica BlandelliEdit

Yuri is constantly fighting with Erica to get her to moderate her actions and be more modest when around Godou. However, they have become somewhat friendly after the fight against Voban.

Liliana KranjcarEdit

The two are old acquaintances, both being among the few survivors of Voban's attempt to summon a Heretic God. They were not close, though Yuri has fond memories of Liliana's actions when she helped her.

Hikari MariyaEdit

Hikari is Yuri's younger sister. The two seem close, and Hikari appears to support Yuri's relationship with Godou.

Ena SeishuuinEdit

The two are old friends, though Yuri appears to try and convince Ena to be more conservative and ladylike in her actions.

Lucretia ZolaEdit

Lucretia enjoys playing with the innocent Yuri and will often teach her strange things.

Lord Salvatore DoniEdit